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Why IBM Turbonomic? Read the Forrester TEI study 3.1 million Present value in USD of public cloud consumption cost savings over three years 33% Avoidance in annual public cloud consumption spend 471% Return on investment over three years

Turbonomic pricing and benefits FAQs

Turbonomic platform pricing is based on the total number of managed virtual servers (MVS) across your hybrid cloud environment. One MVS is equal to one virtual machine (VM), one cloud instance, or one Kubernetes node. When you provide the number of on-premises VMs and required cloud instances in your environment, we can estimate an approximate Turbonomic platform price. This estimate can be refined by our sales team and will enable them to discuss more far-reaching benefits with you.

Pricing plans start at USD 18.80 per managed virtual server, per month.

Turbonomic benefits are calculated by applying the average efficiency gains our clients have realized to the inputs you provide in the estimator. Clients have reported efficiency gains of 33% and higher.

Based on the unique needs of your environment, our sales team is likely to recommend implementation services to help you achieve your business goals.

A minimum of 200 MVS is required.

There is no maximum number of MVS. IBM Turbonomic can scale to hundreds of thousands of MVS. Our online estimators are capped at a total of 1,000 on-premises virtual machines plus cloud instances so that our sales team can provide a price that best suits your needs at your scale.

Discounting is available and our sales team will work with you to address your unique needs.

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If you would like to try Turbonomic, please request a demo and we will provision an instance for you to utilize during a Proof of Value.

Turbonomic is available as SaaS in select regions. Please contact us to learn more.

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Kubernetes container pricing is available. Please contact us to discuss your unique needs.

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”Estimated cost is not a formal offer from IBM or an IBM Business Partner. Certain factors such as Turbonomic configuration, add-ons, and discounts may affect estimated costs. IBM Business Partners set and provide their own IBM Turbonomic pricing, and neither IBM nor IBM Business Partners are bound by the provided estimate. Your quoted price will likely vary. Local pricing will likely vary by country. Minimum term is 12 months. Estimated cost is only applicable to Turbonomic SaaS and Turbonomic ARM Subscription license.

”The results shown are illustrative of results reported by a sample of IBM customers with factors comparable to your inputs based on customers’ reported data, consistent linear spend, and other technical and financial assumptions. There may be additional unaccounted for costs related to the use and deployment of Turbonomic that are not accounted for with this calculator. For a more precise estimate, submit a request for more information to obtain a savings estimate unique to your environment. The results shown by the tool are provided for illustrative purposes only, may not be accurate or applicable to you, and will vary based on your particular business conditions, usage, and configurations and environment, among other factors. Results from the calculator should not be relied upon, are not a guarantee or commitment to you regarding any potential or actual financial results you may achieve, may not be incorporated into any contract, and will not create any liability or obligation for IBM. The calculator is provided on an “AS IS” basis, without warranty of any kind.