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The procurement value governance process application from IBM Consulting® is your compass in the procurement transformation journey, offering a panoramic X-ray view of your operations. Use the process insights from our sophisticated tool to steer continuous improvement, align key performance indicators (KPIs) with strategic goals, and help ensure that your transformation initiatives deliver tangible value.

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Key features

Gain unprecedented visibility with X-ray process analysis Capture a comprehensive snapshot of your procurement process with IBM Process Mining. Identify critical gaps, measure efficiency, compliance and experience, and understand the bottlenecks that undermine your process performance.

KPI performance and opportunity mapping Detailed dashboards map out KPI performance, revealing gaps and highlighting opportunities for optimization. Discover the potential monetary value of addressing each gap and prioritize your actions effectively to enhance procurement efficiency.

Monitor trends with quarterly KPI performance reports Track the effectiveness of your transformation efforts with quarterly performance trend reports. Visualize progress over time, adjust strategies proactively, and help ensure alignment with your overall business objectives for procurement excellence.

Unlock potential with optimization opportunity analysis Quantify your process value debt and identify untapped areas of opportunity. Our framework predicts future value realization, assisting you in focusing your efforts where they deliver the highest return.

Value realization tracking and prediction With the procurement value governance process app, you can not only track value realization but also predict future gains. This dual capability helps ensure that you are always ahead, maximizing procurement's contribution to your enterprise's bottom line.

Manage process value debt Measure, track and predict the procurement costs of your procurement process proactively. Make informed decisions to mitigate process inefficiencies and align your transformation roadmap with strategic business outcomes.

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