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Ensure efficient, predictable product releases

Integrating GitHub’s reports on static KPIs, IBM Process Mining shows how your team’s interactions impact development efficiency while detecting risks and preventing delays.

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Key features

No more surprises, predict and prevent development roadblocks Predict successful release probabilities and ensure must-have improvements and fixes are done in time. Decrease repetitive work to reduce delays and ensure timely delivery.

Improve development efficiency and productivity Stay on top of unsolved bugs and long-running issues by receiving daily updated to-do lists, with automatic severity adjustments of GitHub issues. Quantify the benefits of automated testing, resource allocation and issue classification. Monitor your squad performance and strategically allocate resources.

Upskill your development team Assess skills and identify gaps. Design an effective knowledge sharing and upskilling strategy. Connect talent with training to minimize quality issues and production slowdowns caused by employee turnover.

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