Resource Onboarding (HR) Process Application
Optimize HR efficiency with targeted analytics and insight
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Boost HR onboarding efficiency with IBM® Process Mining

Experience a new level of efficiency in human resources with the Resource Onboarding (HR) Process Application from IBM Consulting®. Built on the robust foundation of the IBM Process Excellence (PEX) Value Triangle framework, this process app streamlines the resource onboarding and renewal process. Delve into detailed dashboards that offer vital insights for optimizing "first time right" (FTR) outcomes and shortening lead times.

The process app equips HR managers with powerful, efficiency-driven dashboards and actionable analytics, delivering an unmatched overview of the entire onboarding lifecycle. This advanced approach not only heightens operational efficiency but also minimizes administrative tasks, ultimately fostering a positive onboarding experience for new team members. Continuous improvement is at the heart of this process app, which is regularly evaluated and updated with enhancements driven by user feedback and analytical data, ensuring a perpetually refined and effective onboarding process.

Key features

Empower HR with the PEX Framework At the heart of the process app lies the PEX Value Triangle, a strategic framework that facilitates continuous improvement across efficiency, compliance and experience. Visualize performance with intuitive dashboards and optimize your onboarding process with actionable insights.

Reduce onboarding lead times Dive into lead time analytics to pinpoint bottlenecks in your onboarding process. The application's Lead Time dashboard provides a clear view of time spent at each stage, enabling HR to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Improve first time right (FTR) outcomes Improve your onboarding success rate with the First Time Right dashboard. Monitor key activities and adjust processes in real time to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for every new hire.

Minimize rework, maximize efficiency Identify rework patterns and eliminate redundancies with the Rework dashboard. Transform onboarding into a more efficient, cost-effective process by reducing unnecessary steps.

Optimize onboarding costs Keep a close watch on your hiring expenditures with the Cost per Hire dashboard. Make data-driven decisions to manage costs without compromising on quality or experience.

Elevate New Hire Satisfaction Track and measure new hire satisfaction over time with the User Satisfaction dashboard. Utilize feedback to refine the onboarding experience continuously.

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