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Transforming work order efficiency with Maximo integration

IBM redefines productivity with its work order management system for Maximo process application from IBM Consulting®. Seamlessly integrated with IBM Maximo, the new platform streamlines the entire work order lifecycle from initiation to closure, ensures timely execution of maintenance tasks, reduces work order backlogs and promotes operational excellence. Likewise, it enhances response times, prioritizes critical tasks and drives unparalleled efficiency in your asset management strategy.

Key features

Make informed work order decisions Harness the power of the PEX Value Triangle to drive data-informed decisions in work order management. Compare KPIs against benchmarks in efficiency, compliance and experience, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of performance gaps and areas of improvement.

Ensure timely work order execution Monitor the health and status of work orders directly from the KPI summary dashboard. Through integration with IBM Maximo, you can empower your teams to proactively manage and ensure timely execution of tasks, reducing equipment downtime.

Prioritize critical work orders Use AI-powered insights alongside MTTR data to prioritize and schedule critical predictive maintenance tasks. Prevent potential backlogs and ensure optimal asset uptime by addressing equipment inefficiencies swiftly.

Seamlessly sync with IBM Maximo Experience seamless integration with IBM Maximo, which is evident by the improved first-time fix rates. Streamline your work order processes, from asset tracking to efficient task execution, all visualized within a comprehensive dashboard.

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