Accelerate revenue growth and profitability with insights across the lead-to-cash process

Streamline the process of lead management through cash flow, while ensuring tighter compliance, by identifying issues and blocks in the pipeline. Improve profitability and revenue growth by improving lead conversion rates, reducing revenue leakage and enhancing performance against KPIs such as lead time and automation rate. This is achieved through the Process Excellence Value framework, which analyzes KPI performance and gaps across efficiency, experience and compliance.

Key features

Monitor and benchmark

Screenshot depicting Process Excellence Value framework

Monitor and benchmark lead-to-cash KPIs

Enable organizational leadership with an executive-level overview of the current performance against KPIs such on-time delivery, lead conversion rate and revenue leakage, and compare across industry benchmarks. This allows you to narrow your focus and act on the right KPIs.

Eliminate inefficiencies

Screenshot depicting analysis of Average Cycle Time

Improve efficiency across the sales funnel

Deeper analysis of average cycle times reveals the steps in the workflow which are responsible for the higher lead times.

Analyze Net Promoter Scores

Screenshot depicting Net Promoter Score analysis

Review feedback and service assessment ratings

Analysis of Net Promoter Scores reveals actions that could be taken to enhance customer retention.

Spot revenue leakage

Screenshot depicting Revenue Leakage analysis

Reduce lost income from hidden leakages

Analysis reveals unrealized revenue by customer. Awareness of such leakages enables users to take action to resolve them.

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