Improve service quality with IT Service Management

IT service management for ServiceNow from IBM Consulting leverages the IBM PEX Value Triangle framework to improve the entire incident lifecycle, from monitoring performance to action flows. Take proactive measures, optimize IT efficiency and improve user experience with intelligent workflows. Get access to KPI metrics, dashboards, automated alerts and notifications, intelligent automation, workflow automation and what-if analysis tools.

Key features

Monitor and benchmark

Screenshot showing Process Excellence Value Triangle and KPI monitoring

Monitor and benchmark IT Operations KPIs

An overview dashboard to monitor the current performance of KPIs and compare them with industry benchmarks, to identify performance gaps from best-in-class practices. This enables leaders to concentrate on the most relevant KPIs, like assignment efficiency, SLA adherence, outage resolution rate or NPS.

Blueprint comparisons

Screenshot showing model comparing KPIs

Identify performance gaps by comparing the as-is with the blueprint process

Examine and explore all variants of the “happy path” and related process attributes, such as lead time and activity frequency. Analyze deviations in the process using the conformance model. Take corrective actions to ensure the lowest resolution time with the highest quality.

End-to-end process optimization

Screenshot showing First Time Resolution graphs

Achieve first-time ticket resolution with end-to-end process optimization

Dive deeply into the efficiency of IT operations assignments. Analyze the percentage of tickets that were accurately assigned to the appropriate IT specialists, without the need to pass between multiple specialists.

Compliance control

Screenshot showing SLA analysis dashboard

Analyze SLA adherence to enhance monitoring and performance

Access the detailed SLA adherence KPI analysis dashboard to conduct a comprehensive analysis of SLA adherence to unlock new insights. Empower IT operations managers to conduct a root cause analysis. Identify early warning trends and take corrective actions.

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