Mortgage lending Process Application
Streamline the lending experience, boost customer service and ensure compliance
illustration of process mining workflow
Improve process efficiency and customer experience while minimizing risk

The mortgage lending process application from IBM Consulting™ incorporates the IBM Process Excellence Value framework that identifies process inefficiencies and assesses their impact on key lending metrics—loan approval rate, percentage cases for investigation, NPS rating, etc.—focusing on KPIs related to efficiency, compliance and experience. The results are actionable insights that can enhance customer retention rate, reduce customer acquisition cost and improve credit management and monitoring.


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Key features

Compare and benchmark KPI performance Measure the current performance of important lending process KPIs like approval rate, cycle time and application investigation rate with benchmarking, and drive fact-based actions to bridge performance gaps.
Boost productivity Help operational managers boost productivity and provide value added time for teams with analysis tool that minimizes manual rework activities. Provide insights across different parameters such as product type, channel of applications and mortgage type.
Higher compliance Enable the operations leader to establish tighter controls within the organization. Identify the overall rate of mandatory steps bypassed by product, channel, country, city or branch and identify the root causes. Take necessary actions and improvement initiatives.

Enhance customer experience Measure the NPS rating and customer query resolution rate, and perform deep dive analysis across locations, customer type or product types, to ensure continuous improvement and improved customer experience. Build trust, enable a competitive advantage, ensure compliance and enhance reputation.

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