Getting started with IBM Environmental Intelligence
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Why Environmental Intelligence?

With our APIs, you get the geospatial, climate and environmental insights that you
need to:

  • Anticipate disruptive environmental conditions 

  • Proactively manage risk

  • Build sustainable operations 

Dive right in with our extensive tutorials and samples and get an in-depth understanding of all the exciting things that you can do with IBM® Environmental Intelligence (EI).

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Setup guide
Before you begin Step 1

Open your welcome email and note your API key, org ID and tenant ID. Read the introduction page on the API hub to get an overview of the EI APIs.

Generate a bearer token Step 2

Open the retrieve token with core API key page in the API hub for EI, and by using the details in your welcome email, follow these screen captures to generate a token.

Retrieve token with core API key

Prepare your tools of choice Step 3

The APIs in this trial are REST APIs. Choose a programming language or tool that can handle REST APIs.

For more detailed instructions, see Getting Started in EI API Hub.