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3 March 2021 | 11:30 SGT

A modern approach to Application Development and Management Services

Transform heritage portfolios to flexible, modular applications that can improve time to market for new services. IBM uses cutting-edge research, robotic automation and feedback from users to deliver greater business alignment, customer engagement and return on investment for your applications.

The benefits of Application Development and Management Services

Reduce defects up to 30%* and speed time to market by up to 40%*.

IBM leads every competitor in Application Services innovation maturity.¹

IBM Automation with Watson™ can reduce app management costs up to 40%*.

Application Development and Management Services

Cloud Application Development

IBM can help you rapidly deliver new customized software, solutions and contextual experiences for the cloud at scale.

Services for Enterprise Applications

IBM helps you get more out of your investments in Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP and Workday.

Mobile Business App Development

IBM develops robust mobile apps, while also delivering maintenance and security on a robust architecture.

Next Generation Application Development and Management

Help manage diverse and complex applications at lower cost and enable rapid response to requests for new functionality and requirements. IBM services can reduce total cost of operations by up to 30% and defects by up to 30%.

Microservices Affinity Assessment

Quickly identify potential applications for microservices adoption. IBM helps to refactor heritage applications so that data and frequently used functions can be extracted using APIs and microservices. This feature helps you easily integrate them into new systems of engagement and can improve speed by up to 50%.

Application Modernization

Continuously modernize your applications to support business agility. IBM employs proprietary methodologies and tools to assess your application portfolio and identify the best approach for modernization.

Case studies

Ferrovial construction company cuts Dev time of new apps by 93%

Find out how Ferrovial turned to IBM to implement IBM’s Business Value Assessment methodology and the IBM Blueworks Live™ business process modelling tool to enable global expansion by reducing time to market for new applications.

IBM Services helps Schneider slash support costs

Schneider worked with IBM to keep its core Oracle applications running smoothly, cutting support costs by over USD 1 million per year and ticket volumes by 70%.

Medtronic uses application automation to free up funds for innovation

With help from IBM, Medtronic used automation to reduce costs in manufacturing and in application lifecycle management .

IBM Automation Innovation Centers

IBM Automation Innovation Centers are focused on experiential demonstrations, rapid prototyping and IBM Design Thinking-led cocreation of automation solutions and journeys. Experience the benefits of automation applied holistically across the enterprise.

Related solutions of Application Development and Management Services

Application Testing with IBM IGNITE

IBM IGNITE is an application testing service designed to improve the quality of enterprise applications or a single app through accelerated testing.

Application Automation Solutions

Help speed application testing, improve quality and discover how applications can self-heal to resolve disruptions before they happen.

Mobile App Development Platform

A complete mobile app development environment with app building, integration, security and testing.

Educational resources


See the 5 keys to success for cognitive automation of application management.


See how cognitive automation of app testing and maintenance can help improve customer experience.


Explore thought leadership from automation industry experts.


Rajesh Nambiar

General Manager, GBS Application Services

Ashutosh Muni

Global Leader, Business Development and Offerings, ADM Innovation

Jamshid Vayghan

Global CTO and VP, ADM Innovation, IBM Distinguished Engineer

Elli Hurst

Vice President, Automation

Simon Rabone

Executive Partner, Enterprise Application Management

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¹ Everest Global, Inc., "How to Innovate – A Comprehensive Guide to Innovation in Application Services"

* Based on IBM internal studies