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  • IBM Q: quantum reinvents computing

    IBM Q: quantum reinvents computing

    The first universal quantum computers for business and science hold the potential to look for solutions and calculate things we never thought about before.

  • Genomics to transform healthcare

    Genomics to transform healthcare

    Technology, along with genomics, is set to revolutionize modern medicine.
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  • New ways need new security strategies

    New ways need new security strategies

    A patchwork approach to security is doomed to fail. Today's stakes and threats need a strategic response.
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  • Watson's learning Japanese

    Watson's learning Japanese

    IBM's cognitive computing system is taking on a new language.
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  • Winning the game of life

    Winning the game of life

    Student developers use IBM Bluemix and Minecraft to learn coding and project management
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Senior management

‘We’re here because we share a conviction.’
Cloud is not only changing IT — it is changing business and society, enabling you to do things you’ve never done before.

We remain dedicated to creating a world that is healthier, more secure and less wasteful; more productive, more personalized and more sustainable; more diverse, more tolerant and more just.

GINNI ROMETTY, IBM 2017 Annual Meeting of Stockholders

Meet some of the IBMers behind our innovations

Innovation is in IBM’s DNA, bringing new approaches to customers, the company and the world at large. Behind each innovation are the people who conceive of it and work the long hours to see it become reality. Meet some of those innovators and learn more about them and their work.

Donate computer downtime

Donate computer downtime
World Community Grid uses idle computers to solve problems quickly and free.
Sophia Tu explains

Tiny sentries for food safety

Tiny sentries for food safety
Using DNA and analytics, scientists hope that microbes will alert them to contamination in food.
IBM researcher David Chambliss tells more

Murder mysteries

Murder mysteries
Meet IBM Fellow Donna Dillenberger, who reads computer data dumps like mystery novels, trying to find what “murdered” the bad data.
Learn more about Donna

Now for analytics

Now for analytics
These days Dr. Chitra Dorai focuses on analytics, but in her 18-year career with IBM she’s worked on lots of other “important problems.”
Meet Chitra

Technology and education

Technology and education
Research scientist Komminist “Kommy” Weldemariam believes that using cognitive, mobile, and analytics technologies, educators can identify which Kenyan schools and even which students are most vulnerable to fail.
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