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One of the biggest obstacles for any organization’s cloud expansion is cost. “Pay as you go” feels more like “pain as you grow,” which opens the door for second guessing: Is cloud actually reducing spend? Is our infrastructure compliant? Are our policies being adhered to? IBM’s cloud management tools help answer these questions. The user-friendly dashboards and automation capabilities give you full control and transparency of your cloud estates and costs across Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and on-prem VMware, so when questions arise you have accurate answers in just a few clicks.



of cloud spend was wasted in 2022¹


of enterprises say cloud spend is their top challenge¹


of organizations have a multi-cloud strategy¹


Get to grips with cloud costs

Get real-time, consolidated data on cloud costs, so you can easily maintain control and achieve greater capacity savings.

Automate processes

Take the pain out of cloud management by automating repetitive manual tasks like tagging, patches and back-ups.

Improve security

Get the patching, back-up and hardening capabilities you need to secure your infrastructure and ensure compliance.

Accelerate development

Build tools with transparency across clouds, so you’re always compliant with industry principles and data requirements.


Ground control SaaS accelerators to optimize and automate your multi-cloud operations. Designed by cloud professionals for cloud professionals.

How we do it

Case studies

Use cases

Total cost of ownership

Reduce cloud spend with IBM Multicloud Accelerator by gaining a full overview of cloud spends across all departments, identifying savings suggestions and eliminating anomalies

Minimize business risks

Use Machine Image Toolkit to automate the image hardening process in order to guarantee the security of VMs

Deep expertise

Empower engineers to take action by providing real time overviews of the business’s cloud estates. Eliminate the manual reporting processes and upskill engineering teams to focus on high value work.

Time to market

Autopatcher and Autobackup automate previously manual processes, ensuring systems are constantly up to date and engineers can focus on accelerating time to market

About Nordcloud, an IBM Company

IBM’s Multicloud products were developed by Nordcloud, an IBM Company, the European leader in cloud migration, application development and managed services.

The toolkit was first used to help Nordcloud’s in-house managed cloud teams with their work across Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP and on-prem VMware, and then was so successful that it became an integral part of Nordcloud’s offerings throughout the customer cloud journey.

Nordcloud’s cloud native experts continue to support the ongoing development for IBM Multicloud and the tools remain an integral part of how Nordcloud drives IBM customers towards success in the cloud.

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¹ Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report