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Empower your teams by optimizing cloud costs and automating DevSecOps processes
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Complete cloud management capabilities

One of the biggest obstacles for any organization’s cloud deployment and scalability is cost. “Pay as you go” feels more like “pain as you grow,” which opens the door for second guessing: Is cloud actually reducing spend? Is our infrastructure compliant? Do we have security vulnerabilities? Are our policies being adhered to?

IBM Multicloud helps answer these questions. The user-friendly dashboards and automation capabilities makes cloud adoption easier, giving you full orchestration and transparency over your cloud estates and costs across Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Openshift, Kubernetes and on-prem VMware, so when questions arise you have accurate answers in just a few clicks.

of organizations do not normalize billing data across cloud providers¹

of cloud engineers are not successfully allocating cloud costs¹


of FinOps teams have not automated anomaly management¹

Benefits Get to grips with cloud costs

Get up-to-date, consolidated data on cloud costs so you can easily maintain control of your cloud management platform at better pricing and achieve greater capacity savings and cost management.

Automate processes

Take the pain out of multi-cloud management by implementing multi-cloud strategies such as automation of repetitive manual tasks like tagging, patches and back-ups.

Harden cloud infrastructure

Get the patching, back-up, hardening and disaster recovery capabilities you need to secure your cloud architecture and ensure compliance, seamless connectivity and cloud security.

Accelerate development

Build tools with transparency across multi-cloud environments, so you’re always compliant with industry principles and data requirements.

Capabilities IBM Multicloud Provisioning

IBM Multicloud Provisioning delivers fully automated and maintained landing zones, ensuring that your cloud activities run smoothly and in line with governance best practices. Continuous environment updates help you stay on top of your landing zones.

IBM Multicloud Machine Image Toolkit

A fully managed multi-cloud approach to image hardening SaaS for organizations looking for a golden image solution that frees up architect workload and company resources without compromising on quality and compliance.

IBM Multicloud Autopatcher

An automated multi-cloud patching solution that ensures security and compliance across all your cloud- based operating systems. Autopatcher enables improved security, full control of maintenance window, patching order and concurrency, pre- and post- patching governance actions and streamlined patching pipelines.

IBM Multicloud Autobackup

IBM Multicloud Autobackup is a multi-cloud data protection solution for your IaaS and PaaS environments. With its user-friendly dashboard that sends you key event and issue notifications, you can stay up to date and protect and track resources. 

Full visibility

Combining cloud estate data with billing data enables very detailed cloud visibility on a single resource level. Multicloud optimization takes place using an API-first approach across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud.

Ease of onboarding

Onboarding is quick and simple (after only a few days of work). The process allows you to streamline training, initial configuration and assisting your team in maximizing the value from your card spend. Savings opportunities are available from the start.

Single point of truth

The complementary products enable synergies between various FinOps and DevOps tools, via a simple, intuitive and user-friendly user interface with readable, understandable data and transparent dashboards. The user interface is appealing to both engineering teams and directors.


A proprietary algorithm and classification rules means minimal engineering time is required for processes such as cloud cost allocation, image hardening, backups and patching. Anomaly detection, savings suggestions and monitoring take place automatically.


Businesses are now paying more attention to their carbon footprint. The IBM Multicloud Accelerator offers greater visibility and control over your cloud cost activities, allowing you to run them more efficiently, reducing your carbon footprint and bringing financial and green balance to your cloud operations.

About Nordcloud, an IBM Company

IBM’s Multicloud products were developed by Nordcloud, an IBM Company, the European cloud service provider leader in cloud migration, application development and managed services. Success in Europe has led to Nordcloud offering services worldwide.

The toolkit was first used to help Nordcloud’s in-house managed cloud teams with their work across Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP and on-prem VMware, and then was so successful that it became an integral part of Nordcloud’s offerings throughout the customer cloud journey.

Nordcloud’s cloud native experts continue to support the ongoing development for IBM Multicloud and the tools remain an integral part of how Nordcloud drives IBM customers towards success in the cloud.

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Use cases Total cost of ownership

Reduce cloud spend with IBM Multicloud Accelerator and discover metrics that provide a full overview of cloud spend across all departments, identifying savings suggestions and eliminating anomalies.

Minimize business risks

Use our Machine Image Toolkit to automate the image hardening process in order to guarantee the security of VMs.

Deep expertise

Empower engineers to take action by providing real time overviews of the business’s cloud resources. Eliminate the manual reporting processes and upskill engineering teams to focus on high value work.

Time to market

Autopatcher and Autobackup automate previously manual processes, ensuring systems are constantly up to date and engineers can focus on accelerating time to market.

Case studies
Co-creating a cloud cost control solution For Volkswagen, IBM Multicloud Accelerator enabled cloud cost allocation across three cloud providers and multiple departments, while providing guidance on sustainably reducing cloud waste. Read their story
Meet our experts Hicks Lin

IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO – IBM Consulting Offerings and Software Assets, Hicks has over 15 years of experience delivering creative, client-centric software and value-driven solutions focusing on AI, analytics, robotic process automation, data lake, and microservices platform.

Jakub Holak

Head of Software Solutions at Nordcloud, an IBM Company, Jakub is an engineering and product manager with a solid software engineering background having previously lead front end development on multiple Nordcloud products as well as having lead multiple software engineering teams.

Jakub Wozniak

CTO, Software at Nordcloud, an IBM Company, Jakub is a cloud architect in love with public clouds. AWS, GCP and Kubernetes certified, he studied distributed systems at Pozman University of Technology and is experienced in DevOps culture and systems administration.

Katarzyna Soltyk

IT Product Manager at Nordcloud, an IBM Company, Katarzyna is in charge of mutlicloud cloud management tools, creating the product vision, strategy, and roadmap and aligning stakeholders around it, and believing in simple solutions and clean design.

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