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IBM and Red Hat have been working for over 20 years to make Linux an open source enterprise platform. IBM expanded on those efforts to help improve Apache, Eclipse, and hundreds of other open source projects. Both companies understand the value of an open source collaboration: developers benefit by working together in thriving communities and customers benefit by avoiding lock-in to proprietary technologies.

Building a hybrid multicloud

Who is building the foundation of your hybrid cloud infrastructure?

Data-intensive workloads that run your business need the security, flexibility, resilience and performance that Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM Power® Systems, IBM Z® and LinuxONE delivers.

For years, with help from IBM Services, clients focused on modernization and cloud-native activities, have been able to build, deploy, manage and support containerized apps with Red Hat cloud technologies or IBM Cloud™ Private running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM Power Systems, IBM Z and LinuxONE.


How are you preparing for a container-based future?

Containers and Kubernetes bring portability, standard scaling and easy replication. Our container-based cloud, IBM Cloud Private, brings modern software development practices (DevOps) to wherever your data and developers are. Based on open-source technologies, like Kubernetes and Helm, IBM Cloud Private provides a container-based platform to start modernizing and building cloud-native applications today.


What is your plan for modernizing data workflows to support AI?

With world-class data and analytics services from IBM, you can gain insights beyond simple queries, such as discovering trends with Watson™ predictive modeling. Unlock new value from data and AI using IBM Cloud Private for data containerized services on Red Hat OpenShift, as recently announced.


How are you optimizing costs and handling security across multiple cloud services?

While IBM has long embraced open source technology, there are serious IT challenges that Kubernetes alone does not address. Three of these obstacles often found in multicloud environments can be overcome with IBM Multicloud Manager: visibility, governance and automation. With built-in support for security and compliance, IBM Multicloud Manager simplifies and organizes large environments, and automatically deploys both cloud-native and modernized workloads across clusters with full manageability.

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