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THINK exhibit


THINK presented by IBM in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot® at the Walt Disney World® Resort

The exhibit combines three unique experiences to engage visitors in a conversation about how we can improve the way we live and work. For more information about visiting the exhibit click here.


Explore the process of progress through interactives, games and film.

Explore the elements of progress, Seeing, Mapping, Understanding, Believing, and Acting through dynamic interactives.

Be inspired by the possibilities and history of progress while watching the THINK film.

Gesture wall
Visitors approaching the exhibit are drawn in by striking patterns displayed on a 40-foot gesture wall. The wall tells the stories of systems around us, transforming into an interactive space where visitor movement creates unique visualizations in dynamic shapes and color. To illustrate complex systems that are a part of daily life the wall also visualizes data from traffic, solar energy, and air quality.

Immersive film
Further inside the exhibit space, visitors discover a theater space featuring a 12-minute immersive film. A kaleidoscope of images and sound fill the large screen. They are enveloped in a rich narrative about the pattern of progress, told through awe-inspiring stories of the past and present. The film reveals how progress was made possible by a combination of people and technology, and by taking a distinct approach to making the world work better -- seeing, mapping, understanding, believing and acting. Guests are inspired to think about humankind's quest for progress, and about making our world work better, today.

Interactive experience
Visitors explore a media field composed of 20 seven-foot interactive touchscreens, transforming the space into a forest of discovery. Visitors can explore our quest to see more-from clocks and scales to microscopes and telescopes, RFID chips and biomedical sensors. They learn how maps have been used to track data, from early geographical maps to the most recent databases and data visualization platforms. They interact with the models used to understand the complex behaviors of our world-from weather prediction algorithms to virus spread simulations. They hear from leaders of world-changing initiatives about how they built belief. And they read about some of the most inspiring examples of systemic progress around the world.

Icons matching game
Visitors engage with a selection of the Icons of Progress, seen throughout the exhibit space, in a dynamic matching game. To celebrate a successful match, guests are able to take a photo of themselves, compose an answer to the question: 'How would you make the world work better?' and email this with the game score as a virtual postcard to remember and share exhibit experience.

Data center
Visitors are given a glimpse into the inner workings of an onsite data center through a viewing window with prompts for understanding how computing power can be utilized to make the world work better. The data center at the exhibit contributes to the World Community Grid project, harnessing computer power around the world to tackle some of today's most challenging problems. To learn more about the world community grid project go to

To learn more about making the world work better visit


THINK exhibit app

Explore how progress happens with the THINK exhibit app, for kids, innovators and forward thinkers.

THINK exhibit lesson plans

Educators: Bring THINK to the classroom with THINK exhibit lesson plans, an exploration in the process of innovation, available on Teachers TryScience.

THINK film

Icons of Progress

Experience a remarkable collection of stories about the 100 IBM innovations that helped shape the last century.