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Cloud Computing

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Our planet is not only getting smaller and flatter – it’s getting smarter. IT infrastructure is reaching a breaking point. As the world gets smarter, demands on IT will grow.

A new era is here

Information technology is changing rapidly, and now forms an invisible layer that increasingly touches every aspect of our lives. Power grids, traffic control, healthcare, water supplies, food and energy, along with most of the world's financial transactions, now depend on information technology.

An emerging IT delivery model—cloud computing— can significantly reduce IT costs & complexities while improving workload optimization and service delivery. Cloud computing is massively scalable, provides a superior user experience, and is characterized by new, internet-driven economics.

Cloud solutions from IBM
Introducing IBM Smart Business cloud solutions. Whether you choose to build clouds behind your firewall or access via the IBM cloud, these secure workload solutions provide superior service management and new choices for deployment.

Development & Test

IBM Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud: (US) Accelerate your software application development and test efforts. Eliminate provisioning delays, improve software utilization and lower deployment costs for your applications.

IBM Smart Business Test Cloud: (US) Test applications securely behind your corporate firewall with automated, self-service provisioning. Reduce IT costs while simplifying management and improving application quality.

Information solutions

IBM Smart Analytics Cloud: (US) Discover real-time business insights. Access and analyze multi-source data with this on-site analytics solution for the enterprise.

IBM Smart Business Storage Cloud: (US) Manage massive information demands while reducing costs and enabling enterprise-wide file sharing and collaboration.

IBM Information Archive: (US) Archive all types of information (ie -regulatory) controlling IT costs, managing risk and improving productivity.


IBM LotusLive™: Unleash employee potential with world-class social networking services and on-line collaboration tools, including file sharing, web conferencing and instant messaging all through your Web browser.

IBM LotusLive iNotes™: Enable the entire enterprise with secure, cloud-based service for e-mail, scheduling and contact management. Reduce costs and manage resource constraints while maintaining corporate e-mail policies and controls.