Are you connected? Experience the only official IBM alumni Group on LinkediIn. The Greater IBM connection.

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Still have questions? If you don't find the answer to your question here and need further help with The Greater IBM Connection, you can contact us here. If you have a general IBM inquiry or question, please contact the IBM Help Desk at 800-IBM-4YOU or this link.

1. What is The Greater IBM Connection?

The Greater IBM Connection is the official IBM Alumni Relations program - a global business and professional community bringing together current and former IBMers from around the world to generate ideas, collaborate and connect. Join today to strengthen your network of contacts, keep up with the latest news and career advice, and be part of the conversation. Join the LinkedIn group.

2. How can I join the community?

You can join the Greater IBM Connection community on LinkedIn to participate in the latest discussions and to connect with your fellow Greater IBMers. Please note that you must have accounts on LinkedIn first before you can join The Greater IBM Connection community. You can learn more about how to set up an account at LinkedIn Help Centers below:

3. Where can I see Greater IBM News?

You can see news about your fellow Greater IBMers in the discussions and promotion tabs in the LinkedIn Group.

4. How do I see and apply for jobs?

5. How can I connect with other Greater IBMers who share my interests?

The LinkedIn group is the best place to find and grow connections with other Greater IBMers. You can grow your existing network of professional and personal contacts by inviting Greater IBMers to connect with you. To find Greater IBMers that share your interests, go to the Members tab of the LinkedIn group and type a keyword that matches your interest (for example ‘social media’). When you find Greater IBMers you would like to connect with, select the ‘Connect’ button to invite them to connect with you.

If you are new to LinkedIn, these resources also may be helpful:

(Note: The Greater IBM Connection on LinkedIn is not open to contractors. If you are a current contractor who is a former IBM employee, register as FORMER IBM employee).

6. How can I share my news with the community?

There are a few ways you can share your news with your fellow Greater IBMers:

  • In the LinkedIn group group, you can share news or promote something such as a company, product, or service, by posting it under the Promotions tab.
  • Alternatively, if you have a topic you’d like to discuss with group members, post it under the Discussions tab. (Please note that any commercial or promotional content posted under the Discussions tab will be moved to the Promotions tab by the community administrators.)