DevOps for Nationwide

50%increase in code quality

DevOps for Nationwide

70%decrease in downtime

DevOps for Nationwide

58%of developers in top quartile
of productivity

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IBM DevOps


Like many businesses today, Nationwide needed a better way to respond to changing market conditions, speed time to market and support new channels for customer interaction. DevOps provided all that — and more.

Entry point

Start where it hurts most.

While the IBM DevOps approach lets organizations start anywhere based on needs, Nationwide is addressing all four adoption paths across the software delivery lifecycle:

  • Steer


    helps Nationwide plan, identifying resources needed to test the vision.

  • Develop/Test


    provides developers with rapid feedback from business stakeholders.

  • Deploy


    allows continuous integration of code and deployment several times a day.

  • Operate


    helps teams understand application performance and validate pain points.

The outcome:

As a result the company is now more agile as a business and more responsive to customers - with a 50% improvement in code quality and reduction in system downtime by 70%.

Competitive advantage through software

Why companies like Nationwide are turning to DevOps.

The competitive advantage of DevOps.

70%Nearly 70% of companies that develop and deliver software effectively outperform their competitors based on profitability. Key word, effectively -- just where IBM DevOps excels. By balancing speed, cost, quality and risk for Nationwide, DevOps has helped increase their capacity to innovate. That helps them get to market faster and be more competitive.



End of the black hole.

Creating a culture of collaboration.

Before DevOps, internal customers at Nationwide felt like IT was a black hole. Business would put in their software request, then IT would head to the back office and do their software delivery. DevOps has changed all that. Now, it's a culture of collaboration where everyone has input, including business stakeholders. No more gaps between software requirements and product delivery, no more rift between IT and business.

Collaboration has become an expected part of our culture and is built into our office space and practices

Steve Farley—VP, Nationwide's Application Development Center



No rip, no replace, no problem.

The open standards approach from IBM.

A complex enterprise-computing environment 60 years in the making, Nationwide needed a solution that leveraged what they had – no rip and replace. An open-standards approach allowed Nationwide to look holistically at their tools strategy and determine the best architecture and the best approach to meet their goals: high quality and steady innovation for customers; high productivity for developers and IT staff.



The journey to transformation.

Nationwide moved from waterfall to agile development, and applied lean principles to transform the software delivery lifecycle. They used the following IBM Rational® Software products:

Nationwide's Steve Farley and Carmen DeArdo discuss the impact of DevOps on quality, speed to market and customer satisfaction.

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