IBM DevOps

IBM DevOps solutions help you remove bottlenecks in software development to achieve continuous delivery of software-driven innovation. Applying lean and agile principles across the software lifecycle, DevOps addresses culture, process and tools to drive faster innovation and feedback that ultimately improve the customer experience. Look how it's working for these organizations.


Nationwide improves software quality 50%.


Using a DevOps approach, Nationwide improved code quality by 50% and reduced system
downtime by 70% - increasing their agility and responsiveness to customers.

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Tangerine Bank uses IBM to enhance customers' mobile experience

Tangerine Bank uses IBM to enhance customers' mobile experience

Computer Services

IBM Watson

DevOps approach speeds IBM Watson solutions to market



Healthcare information provider reduces deployment time from days to minutes

Retail, Automotive


Cars.com increases product releases from 40 to 300 per year


Itaú BBA

Itaú BBA achieves massive time savings with IBM Rational software

Computer Services


Capgemini speeds time to market by 25 percent


Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.

Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. transforms IT to gain 1.2M customers in one year

Fabrication and Assembly, Consumer Products

Laminar Medica

Laminar Medica cuts product development time and costs by 25%

Financial Markets

Fidelity Worldwide Investment

Fidelity Worldwide Investment releases software in hours versus days


Financial Insurance Management Corp.

Financial Insurance Management Corp. increases customer renewals with a mobile solution delivered in 3 months


Motorcycle Superstore

Motorcycle Superstore Reaps a 232 percent return on investment by streamlining the mobile shopping experience

Computer Services


Carbonite uses digital analytics to cut customer churn and save 4 million annually



Nationwide embraces DevOps, improves software quality by 50 percent



SHOP.CA optimizes and analyzes customers’ searches and shopping experiences

Computer Services

Sandhata Technologies

Sandhata Technologies Ltd. saves 6 million in three years


Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik

Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik reduces defects and increases productivity by 25% with an IBM DevOps solution

Computer services

Cloud-based IBM DevOps services for Bluemix help PointSource shorten daily scrums by 50 percent

Computer services

DevOps approach helps increase release frequency by 300 percent

Computer services

Synchrony Systems cuts development time by up to 90 percent with IBM Bluemix

Computer services

IBM Global Technology Services cuts software release times by over 90 percent

Amica Insurance

Amica reduces software deployment times by 95-98 percent

Pearson VUE

Pearson VUE saves time and money by automating code build and deployment

Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Speeding software innovation at Crane Aerospace & Electronics


Infosys achieves 5-7% effort reduction across projects

IBM CIO Office

IBM CIO Office accelerates creation of mobile tools and systems


IBM team adopts DevOps, cuts deployment times by 99 percent

Tasktop Technologies Inc.

Tasktop delivers up to 12 percent savings in clients’ development costs


Qantas Airways uses IBM Rational software to gain a competitive edge