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Connect your Web site to ours with this useful button

Many of our friends and business partners have been building links from their pages to ours. That's great! It got us thinking: What could we do to help?

As a starting point, we'd like to offer you this "Go to IBM" button. It's small, it's simple, and it won't slow you down.

If you are currently using a copy of the IBM logo (or other IBM trademarks or copyrighted artwork), consider this artwork a replacement since use of the IBM logotype (or other IBM trademarks or copyrighted artwork) is not permitted except under an agreement with IBM. Use the code fragment below to link from wherever you like on your Web site to any IBM Web page in the domain.

Before you use the artwork, you must review and agree to the terms of the license and guidelines below. Use of the artwork represents agreement to the terms of the license and guidelines below.


  1. You acknowledge IBM ownership of the IBM trademark "Go to IBM" artwork and agree not to claim any ownership rights to it or any trademark similar to it.
  2. This license does not give you the right or privilege to use the "Go to IBM" artwork or IBM trademark except on your Web site as outlined.
  3. You will use this artwork only as provided. You will not change the text or graphics any way, or publish copies of the artwork on your Web site or other Web sites.
  4. You will use this artwork only as a link to IBM web addresses in the domain, and you will replace and remove any other IBM trademarks or copyrighted artwork currently being used on your site unless otherwise permitted, by contract with IBM.
  5. IBM has the right to discontinue or alter the form, shape or artwork of the "Go to IBM" at any time at your Web site. IBM will attempt to provide advance notice of these changes.
  6. You will maintain high-quality standards in the use of your Web site, and not publish illegal material, or engage in illegal business activities while you are using this mark on your site.
  7. You will not use the artwork to disparage IBM, its products or services.
  8. If you are unable or unwilling to follow these guidelines, your license will terminate and you will immediately cease all use of the "Go to IBM" artwork.
  9. You will indemnify and hold harmless IBM from any and all claims by any party resulting from the direct or indirect use of your Web site, and of your use of the "Go to IBM" artwork.
  10. You will comply with the guidelines that follow.


There is only one size and format version of this artwork. As stated in the introduction, DO NOT COPY OR ALTER the supplied artwork or HTML fragment in any way other than the changes described herein..

When linking to IBM, just use the HTML fragment below:

<a href="" target="top"><img src="" width="150" height="43" border="0" alt="Go to IBM" /></a>

Alternatively you may use text-only links, like this:

<a href="" target="top">Go to IBM</a>

You may replace with another URL in the domain, and replace the alternate text with a translation of "Go to IBM".

The artwork is designed for use on the widest variety of background colors and textures. Review the following placement recommendations:

Location and placement: We recommend that you place this button outside of your text field, but within reasonable proximity to the relevant text references to IBM, its product, its services, or offerings. Alternatively, you may choose to place the artwork at the bottom or end of your screen text. Allow a clear space around the artwork when using it in conjunction with other artwork and/or text. This space should be no less than the height of the artwork.

Linkages: If you plan to link to a variety of IBM URLs, please feel free to repeat this artwork as needed.

Credit: You will give credit to IBM for the "Go to IBM" artwork at least as prominently as you do to other companies and products communicated by your Web site. The language suggested by IBM is, "IBM is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation."