Backup and recovery
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Replace existing backup processes with IBM Cloud® Object Storage, which offers high resiliency and low cost for infrequent-access storage classes.

IBM Cloud Object Storage gives you cloud-native capabilities for an automated, application-consistent backup and recovery solution. Cut your storage costs and reduce malware, disaster and outage losses.

Speed backup and disaster recovery plans
What you can do
Tape replacement

Replace costly and inefficient tape backups, on-premises tape libraries and offsite physical archiving.

Database backup

Use backup software in conjunction with IBM Cloud Object Storage to automatically back up on-premises databases to the cloud or back up IBM Cloud® databases to low-cost object storage.

Disaster recovery

Use IBM Cloud Object Storage as part of your plan to meet recovery objectives for critical IT systems without incurring costly capital and operational infrastructure expenses.

Features Resilient and available

IBM Cloud Object Storage geo-disperse capabilities provide backup and data protection. It's always accessible, even in disaster or multiple failure cases.


Multiple storage classes help optimize backup cost and data recovery objectives with pay-as-you-go pricing and no up-front capital investments.


Data-integrity mechanisms check, validate and apply self-repair capabilities. It's designed for data durability of 99.999999999%. Individual results vary.

Fast data recovery

A single API helps data recovery for business continuity. Access backup data faster with tape storage to aid regulatory, legal or business needs.


Default server-side encryption keys are automatically managed by default. You can manage your own keys or use IBM Key Protect.

Scale on demand

Seamlessly scale to meet your needs to make it easier to cost-effectively manage and meet data protection requirements across your enterprise.

The combination of IBM Cloud bare metal servers and IBM Cloud Object Storage has contributed to a 35% reduction in our operational spend—helping us keep the cost of our service competitive while protecting our margins. Vinu Varghese CSO/CTO Acrometis, LLC See how the automated claims processor is achieving its growth ambitions
Related use cases Data archiving

Tiering capabilities, file gateway partners and an ecosystem of integrated partner solutions make it easier to move and archive data. Realize cost savings related to reducing IT infrastructure and operational costs and help make out-of-reach data accessible.

Cloud-native app data storage

Ideal for large amounts of unstructured data, our elastic scale infrastructure offers distributed, API-accessible storage with simple integration in the IBM Cloud to make it easy for developers to quickly integrate cloud-native applications, and flow and update application components.

Storage for AI and analytics

With the ability to build a centralized data repository for nearly unlimited amounts of data, data remains in its native format and doesn’t need to be moved in and out of storage; rather, the IBM Cloud Object Storage–based data lake is the persistent data store for analytics.

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