Data archiving
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IBM Cloud® Object Storage storage classes, natively integrated IBM® Aspera® high-speed data transfer capabilities and integrated partner solutions make it cost-effective and easy to move and archive data in IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Archive data to IBM Cloud® and realize cost savings directly related to reducing IT infrastructure and operational costs, and help make data that was once out of reach accessible to your organization.

What you can do
Deep archive for cold data

Store cold data to help reduce the cost of expensive network-attached storage (NAS) and take advantage of the global data access and scale available through cloud storage.

Flexible archive options

Store non-read and write-intensive data with two restore options: the archive option for lowest cost with restore in 12 hours or less and the accelerated archive option for faster restore in two hours or less.

Tape replacement

Use the archive option to avoid upfront costs and virtually eliminate the cost and burden of maintenance.

Regulatory archiving

Use data archiving on object storage to help manage regulatory requirements for data compliance. Adhere to various compliance mandates and store data for an extended duration.

Media asset preservation

Preserve large amounts of rich media content, such as images or videos, inexpensively on traditional storage.

Large data set preservation

Use data archiving on object storage, such as genome data or IoT data, that needs to be preserved for future use.

Features Data transition using archive policies

Apply age-based policies to transition objects to lower-cost archive storage to reduce costs with smart tier, standard, vault and cold vault.

Lowest-cost tier

Get data storage for as low as USD 0.00099 per GB per month and restore at USD 0.02 per GB.

Simple API

Use the simple API with support for S3 API constructs for transition lifecycle and restore. Write applications with IBM Cloud Object Storage SDKs.

Durable storage

Implement data-integrity mechanisms to check, validate and apply self-repair capabilities. It's designed for data durability of 99.999999999%. Individual results vary.

The Cloud Object Storage System platform gives us the high-performance—but still cost-effective—storage technology we need for a data environment that will continue to grow. Tillmann Sittig Senior Manager of IT Infrastructure PRIME Research International See how the communications consulting company is creating a dynamic storage repository for masses of unstructured data
Related use cases Backup and recovery

When replacing tape processes, streamlining backup operations and simplifying archival processes, gain durable, security-rich and cost-effective cloud storage; cloud-native capabilities; and an automated, application-consistent backup and recovery solution.

Cloud-native app data storage

Ideal for large amounts of unstructured data, our elastic scale infrastructure offers distributed, API-accessible storage with simple integration in the IBM Cloud to make it easy for developers to quickly integrate cloud-native applications, and flow and update application components.

Storage for AI analytics

With the ability to build a centralized data repository for nearly unlimited amounts of data, data remains in its native format and doesn’t need to be moved in and out of storage; rather, the IBM Cloud Object Storage–based data lake is the persistent data store for analytics.

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