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IBM® provides storage hardware and software solutions to meet your business needs

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Get market-leading performance, efficiency and cyber resilience while streamlining complexity across all environments.

Explore IBM Storage FlashSystem

Accelerate time to value​ by leveraging a cloud-native infrastructure and application data services platform.

Explore IBM Fusion

Experience real data resilience with visibility, threat detection and safe recovery across primary and secondary workloads.

Explore IBM Storage Defender

IBM Storage is a family of data storage hardware, software-defined storage and storage management software.

IBM Storage helps you do more by ensuring your data is secure and easily accessible for faster, more informed decision making. It efficiently unites disparate data sources, so you can customize, automate and gain insight while reducing overall costs. Make sure that your data is resilient and ready for hybrid cloud, big data and AI—and whatever comes next.

IBM Storage

An effective line of defense against cyber attacks.

Solutions IBM storage for data and AI

Unlock the value of data throughout your information supply chain to improve business outcomes.

IBM storage for hybrid cloud

Modernize applications and innovate faster with data orchestration services for Red Hat OpenShift.

IBM storage for data resilience

Safeguard data from breaches and threats while reducing costs and downtime with resilient storage.


Cutting-edge hardware innovations for data storage

Industry-leading scale-up, scale-out, all-flash and hybrid data storage ideal for critical, operational and archival workloads on-premises and off.

IBM Storage FlashSystem

Experience cyber-resilient, high-performance, highly functional solutions that make hybrid cloud storage simple for every enterprise.

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IBM Storage Fusion HCI System

Accelerate Red Hat OpenShift and watsonx deployments via hyperconverged appliance data orchestration services.

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IBM Storage Scale System

Build a global data platform with accelerated infrastructure for AI, analytics and high-performance computing.

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IBM Storage DS8000

Run mainframe and open system workloads on a flexible system with ultralow latency and high availability.

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IBM Storage Tape

Protect and preserve your data on a fast, secure and encrypted solution for your long-term storage needs.

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IBM Storage Networking

Transform your storage fabric and unleash the data delivery performance your applications demand.

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Delivering data and services across edge, core and clouds

IBM Storage software empowers you to manage information regardless of location, automate IT processes and protect applications and data from harm.

IBM Storage Defender

Safeguard data from threats and recover faster in a secure environment to ensure business continuity.

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IBM Fusion

Achieve agility with container-native storage and data orchestration for Red Hat OpenShift for modern AI applications.

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IBM Storage Protect for Cloud

Protect your critical business data on saaS services including Microsoft 365 and Salesforce with flexible backup and granular restore.

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IBM Storage Scale

Software-defined file and object storage to build a global data platform for artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, advanced analytics and other demanding workloads.

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IBM Storage Ceph®

Software Defined Storage to consolidate block, file and object storage‎‎ ‎ on-premises with a cloud-native experience.

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IBM Storage Insights

Use the power of AIOps to optimize storage, increase productivity and accelerate issue resolution.


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Resources Assess your risk and protect your business

Mandate recovery of critical systems within hours with new regulations—NIS2, DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act).

What is data storage?

Learn the fundamentals of data storage and determine which solutions and strategies are right for you.

IBM Storage FlashSystem

Learn more about a cost-effective storage array that doesn't compromise on performance.

Technology lifecycle services for IBM Storage

Explore support and services to help you plan, deploy and optimize your IBM Storage solutions.

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