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Assessment Test Basics

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Assessment Tests have a lot of benefits and today we want to talk about all the details and steps involved in taking an assessment test.

Preparing for your Assessment Test

Assessment Tests are a great way to gauge your preparation for your exam. While Assessment Tests are just a portion of your study materials, think of Assessment Tests as the last stretch before the exam.

To prepare we recommend using numerous study sources:

  • Use your Test Objectives tab to get a feel of the grading of each section. If one section weighs more than the others you may want to spend more time in that section.
  • Review the Test Preparation tab on your test. This tab is where you will find the bulk of all your testing resources/slides/notes/courses.
  • Check out the Sample/Assessment Test tab on the test page. The Sample Test will give you a feel for the layout of the Assessment Test and Exam, best part is it is free!

Note: Only resources provided through the website are guaranteed to be authorized. There are many unauthorized study guides on the internet. To make sure your study guide is within our guidelines always review our Non-Independent Test Taking Policy.


Taking an Assessment Test

  1. First, confirm that your Exam has an Assessment Test. The Assessment Test information will be in the Sample/Assessment Test tab on your Exam Test page. Unfortunately, not all Exams include an Assessment Test.
  2. Confirm your Assessment Test Code. The Assessment Test Code is listed on the Sample/Assessment Test tab of your Exam Test page. Assessment Tests Codes always start with the letter A. Example: Exam C5050-111/Assessment Test A5050-111
  3. Go to the PearsonVUE website and create an account if you don’t already have one. Log in.
  4. On the Home Page after log in select “View Online Tests”
  5. Use the Search Bar to put in the Assessment Test Code. Select your Assessment Test.
  6. Pay for your Assessment Test. If you have a promo code you can submit it on the check out page.

*You have 24 hours to complete the Assessment Test once it has been paid for. Assessment Tests are taken online.


After your Assessment Test

Once you have completed your Assessment Test use your score to assess your readiness to take the actual Exam.

What to look for:

  • Overall Score: Did you do well or poorly? If you did well you may not need any more study time.
  • Review Sections: If you didn’t do well review what sections you did poorly in. No need to study all of your notes over again, just focus on the topics that you are lacking in.


That’s everything you need to know about taking an Assessment Test! Just a reminder that you still have until February 28th 2017 to take advantage of our Promotion: 50% off select Assessment Tests

IBM is pleased to announce a special Promotion on select Certification Assessment Tests. This Promotion provides access to these assessment tests at a 50% discount (i.e. $15 in the US). This promotion is applicable for assessment tests in the following areas:

  • IBM Analytics: Platform Analytics
  • IBM Cloud
  • IBM Security
  • IBM Systems: Storage Systems

This Promotion is available until Feb 28th, 2017. For more information and the Promo Code please visit this page.

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