The Future of APM is Here – Maximum Visibility with Minimum Effort

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As applications transition to modern environments, such as open cloud networks, the application monitoring tools are also evolving. In keeping with this shift, IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps now includes application performance monitoring (APM) and observability capabilities with the addition of Instana. While APM monitors and troubleshoot applications by periodically measuring telemetry data, observability measures and analyses high-quality telemetry data in real-time to address the distributed nature of cloud-native applications.

What does this mean for you? Your DevOps, IT operations, and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams now get real-time access to high-quality telemetry, correlate vast amounts of data, and quickly detect performance issues using Instana. An example that comes to mind is of a client in the fleet management space who used Instana to gain visibility across their containerized environments and reduced latency from 10 minutes to a mere 10 -12 seconds.

It’s time to move from 1-minute to 1-second visibility

When you use Instana you get a unique ability to monitor all transactions at 1-second intervals. This is accomplished by Instana agents that automatically trace and instrument applications across a distributed ecosystem – without manual configuration. With dependency maps that visualize all application components and IT resources, your teams can conduct root cause and high cardinality analyses. Our AI-based solution uses a comprehensive collection of metrics, logs, and traces to quickly pinpoints errors and anomalies so that DevOps teams can take corrective action with ease.

Read the APM Experts’ report to compare Instana with other providers.

How to get more out of Instana

Application monitoring + resource management: With the integration of Instana and Turbonomic, you obtain intelligent insights into resource utilization to continuously optimize application performance. The addition of these capabilities makes IBM’s AI-powered automation platform <link to AIOps blog> suited to meet the demands of your business.

Extended visibility into z/OS: Most APM tools have limited visibility when it comes to applications on mainframes. To eliminate this blind spot, IBM has introduced Instana for z/OS that gives you complete visibility into application components on IBM Z and other hybrid environments on a single interface. While you continue to enjoy the reliability that IBM Z affords, you can gain deeper context into your applications and break down siloes between teams.

Empowering DevOps, SRE and IT Operations

Now that you know what to expect from Instana, let us look at a couple of scenarios to add more perspective.

Flexibility for DevOps teams

As DevOps teams frequently deploy updates for applications on microservices architectures, Instana can help monitor the impact of the code and proactively maintain the performance of applications. Without having to set manual thresholds, Instana’s always-on tracing feature quickly detects issues and allows developers to dive into minute details of any code issue – reducing the time required to debug.

Watch how Instana helps find and fix difficult code problems:

Improving site reliability

A sure-fire way to lose out to competition is through frequent lags and outages in applications, such as when the payment gateway of an e-commerce site crashes. By providing a complete view of your applications across environments, Instana enables dedicated SRE teams or IT operations/ DevOps uncover previously unknown insights, investigate root causes, and resolve incidents faster. Additionally, Instana empowers your teams to proactively manage incidents with less effort and automate incident resolution.

Learn how you can save time for your SRE teams with AIOps.

Experience end-to-end observability Instana

The demand for better customer experiences and an increase in the number of applications used makes diagnosing and resolving performance issues a frustrating experience for IT teams. With Instana, eliminate blind spots and reduce the time spent looking for evidence with full observability across applications – wherever they reside. Take the free trial today and experience the capabilities of Instana first-hand. 


Instana – https://www.ibm.com/in-en/cloud/instana

Turbonomic – https://www.ibm.com/in-en/cloud/turbonomic

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