How To Avoid The Pitfall of Overprovisioning Resources

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Here’s the reality about digital transformation – the more applications and technology you adopt to address a customer pain point, the more complexity it adds to your IT environment. One such complexity that IBM’s AI-powered automation solution simplifies is the necessity of dynamically allocating resources for applications without under or over-provisioning. This capability is delivered in the form of Turbonomic Application Resource Management for IBM Cloud Paks.

What happens when you install Turbonomic

Turbonomic tackles resource management by using APIs to discover all there is to know about your environment – from applications, services, containers, pods, nodes, hosts, storage, and networks to the relationships between each component. The agentless discovery appliance works across all versions of Kubernetes and supports major hypervisors. In short, Turbonomic is a technology agnostic platform, working across all applications, cloud, and infrastructure.

Where Turbonomic differs

Our analytics engine uses a full-stack visibility and an understanding of application resource consumption to generate recommended actions such as placement, scaling, and more, which can be executed automatically or performed manually. By using a combination of application demand and infrastructure supply, Turbonomic ensures that your applications get the right resources at the right time.

Although the visibility that Turbonomic provides is comprehensive, you can drill down based on the needs of your DevOps, SRE, application development, and operations teams– without overwhelming them with information.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Turbonomic also integrates with Instana, an enterprise observability platform in IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, to provide precise and reliable resourcing actions. Check out our blog on Instana for more information.

Watch how Turbonomic enables intelligent app resource management:

Address resourcing across IT environments

Being technology agnostic, Turbonomic helps you address complex resourcing requirements across your cloud-native or hybrid cloud environments. For instance, you can provide unified visibility for different teams, adhere to business policies while executing resourcing actions, save time by automating decisions, or modernize applications by ensuring elasticity of multitenant systems. In this blog, I would like to focus on three areas:

Enable elasticity in multitenant platforms

While containers give you the agility and scalability to run applications, they do not ensure adherence to application-level SLOs. With an application resource management (ARM) solution such as Turbonomic, you can surpass dated threshold policies using full-stack and application-usage-driven analytics to resize containers on Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift platforms based on the fluctuating demand for resources. Our AI-powered dynamic resourcing software helps you accurately determine resource needs, reducing the cost and the effort involved in setting and maintaining policies.

Reduce public cloud costs

For organizations that run workloads on the public cloud, an ARM solution can help you stay within budgets. Based on insights on resource consumption, Turbonomic recommends actions so that your applications are only allocated as many resources as needed to perform, minimizing the risk of overprovisioning resources.

Improve IT productivity

The goal of the Turbonomic ARM platform is to enable the steady and reliable performance of applications by using real-time data on application usage. The recommended actions that Turbonomic generates can be manually reviewed and executed or automatically executed, which reduces the time spent by IT teams while ensuring that your applications get the resources they need no matter where they reside.

Use the power of analytics for your enterprise

A good analytical engine turns data into actionable insights, and Turbonomic excels when it comes to providing timely actions. When combined with the automation and application performance monitoring capabilities contained within IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, you get access to an AIOps platform <link to 1st blog> that can help you improve customer experiences. Try our AI-powered software <book a consultation link> to experience the benefits of managing resources in a complex IT environment.


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