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The digital era has opened up boundless possibilities for businesses to innovate. It has created a gold mine of data for AI to exploit and harness, helping enterprises uncover valuable insights about people, processes and all business functions. This has, in turn, let business executives digitally transform their processes, solutions and outcomes with flexibility and time, process and cost efficiency. Yet, many of them still struggle to successfully implement and fully exploit AI, and fail to leverage the many advantages it offers.

An organisation can now fuel its business transformation with data and AI, faster than ever before. Join us at the IBM Data and AI Virtual Forum to learn how you can accelerate your journey to AI.

The February 2020 edition of the forum will begin with 2 exciting keynotes around Data and AI by eminent IBM leaders. It will feature 3 panel discussions with IBM leaders and ISVs around their experiences with AI implementation and 8 ‘live’ booths from IBM partners who will showcase their AI solutions online. It will also host 3 parallel deep-dive breakout sessions on the key phases of the AI implementation journey – collect & organise data, analyse data and infuse AI.

The forum promises insightful discussions around the right mix of infrastructure orchestration for enterprises to accelerate their complex AI journeys and the challenges and best practices for building viable data lakes. It will also share an AI tool kit for marketing and customer service professionals to drive immersive and authentic customer experiences, and ways to improve financial planning, mitigate risk and ensure compliance through data lakes and AI.

At the IBM Data and AI Forum, you can learn from and network with IBM’s leaders, premier industry analysts and industry speakers. You will also have opportunities to discuss ways to collaborate on a wide spectrum of business opportunities that will help your enterprise in your digital journey. Also made available will be an array of IBM technology solutions and services to guide your transformation every step of the way.

Let’s take a closer look at how 3 key industries stand to benefit.

Finance: Many financial institutions have increasingly started using AI to save time, reduce costs and create added value for customers. AI helps with fraud detection, risk assessment & management, investment insights, personalized banking, account activity tracking, and process automation. Scanning through customer records gives AI the ability to make a recommendation of loan and credit offerings. AI can also suggest portfolio solutions and decisions on when to buy, hold and sell stocks for trading.

Manufacturing:  AI ensures efficient production, predictive maintenance of systems, optimised smart supply chain, employee safety and development of new business models for greater quality, productivity and profits.AI algorithms help estimate market demands by studying patterns, in turn optimising the supply of raw materials, inventory control, energy consumption and staffing.

Retail: From cashierless shopping and shelf-scanning robots to forecasting demand with machine learning, automatically rerouting shipments to avoid bad weather and using facial expressions and recognition for personalising in-store services and crime prevention — AI is revolutionising retail in more ways than one.

Discover once unimaginable innovations by learning to digitally redesign your enterprise exclusively with IBM Data and AI Virtual Forum today. Register today:

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