Happiest Minds Accelerates Investigation Time With IBM Security QRadar

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Happiest Minds Technologies, positioned as ‘Born Digital. Born Agile’, is an IT company that has capabilities spanning digital solutions, infrastructure, product engineering, and security, delivered across industry sectors.

It has a global presence with headquarters in Bangalore, India, and operations in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East.

Its cybersecurity practice is led by Mr. Vijay Bharti, who is also the Chief Information Security Officer. Vijay is a cybersecurity veteran with over 25 years of experience and brings expertise in multiple domains like SOC Management, Identity and Access Management, Data Security, Cloud Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), and Infrastructure Security.

Under Vijay’s able leadership, Happiest Minds has built a large pool of experienced security professionals to offer IT security solutions that address the key challenges faced by enterprises today.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve with the continued proliferation of digital technologies, the number and complexity of cyber-attacks continue to increase. Per the latest Ponemon Cost of Data breach Study, it took on an average, 287 days to identify and contain a data breach. This number has increased 12% in the last 5 years.

To make matters worse, recruiting and retaining the best technical and business professionals is a constant worry for cybersecurity leaders. In fact, Frost & Sullivan predicts that the widening gap between available qualified cybersecurity professionals and unfulfilled positions will reach 1.8 million by 2022.

Lastly, the regulatory requirements continue to become more stringent each year. Whether it is GDPR or the upcoming Personal Data Protection Bill in India, the penalties for non-compliance are getting steeper.

The changing paradigms of attack sophistication and increasing attack surfaces are demanding a revamp in Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Enterprises need a next-gen SOC fortified with security automation, deep analytics, and correlation across multiple domains to help in hunting unknown security threats, pre-empting potential security breaches, as well as remediating those breaches.

As a result, enterprises are approaching Happiest Minds seeking help across the following use cases:

  • Enabling centralized threat detection and response, providing visibility across cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Addressing insider threats
  • Providing advanced threat detection’s across multiple stages of an attack.
  • Reducing false positives with real-time threat intelligence correlations.
  • Vulnerability prioritization specific to an organization.
  • Meeting regulatory compliance obligations such as GDPR and reporting across their estate.

To address these customer challenges, Happiest Minds leverages its Cyber Risk Protection Platform (CRPP). CRPP is the next-gen SOC integrated with powerful threat intelligence feeds, capable of automatically responding based on programmable business logic. The CRPP, having been developed on a cloud platform, extends all the benefits, elasticity, and availability across the globe to meet the requirements of the laws of the land. It is built with resilient operations to ensure continuity of coverage in a pandemic or cyber outbreak.

Says Vijay, “CRPP is proactive, preventative and adaptive in nature, and its coverage with resilient 24×7 operations make it a Protection Center rather than just an Operations Center.

Happiest Minds has chosen to build its CRPP on IBM Security QRadar, an industry-leading SIEM solution. Recently, Gartner, in its Magic Quadrant for SIEM, had named IBM Security QRadar as a Leader – for the 12th consecutive year.

QRadar helps bring real-time visibility to the CRPP to effectively help detect, investigate, and adapt to future attacks and remediate them.

QRadar allows detection of threats that would otherwise be missed by product or operational silos, with an industry-leading correlation of both network and security data. QRadar SIEM provides collection, analysis, and correlation across a broad spectrum of systems including networked solutions, security solutions, servers, hosts, operating systems, and applications.

QRadar’s real-time automated security intelligence-based correlation helps Happiest Minds’ CRPP to accurately detect and prioritize threats, accelerating investigation time,” says Vijay.

With QRadar, using a single pane of glass, security analysts at Happiest Minds’ CRPP can monitor on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, with both global and local correlation.

Happiest Minds is helping multiple clients globally strengthen their cybersecurity posture round the clock via its state-of-the-art CRPP, following a cohesive and integrated approach, leveraging new-age technologies such as analytics and automation. IBM Security QRadar has been a strategic choice and a trusted partner in this great journey.

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