Become the best Data Integrator:

Data integrators know how to lay a solid foundation of integrated and well maintained data that is constantly ready for use.

Enable Data Science Exploration

Enable your Data Science teams to innovate by having data they want ready for exploration in a single centralized space with open source tools available.

Data Science Experience

Ready Actionable, Accurate Data for Analytics Teams

Help your analytics teams drive competitive advantage through insights gleaned from the actionable, accurate data you provide.

Information Integration and Governance

Prepare Clean, Value-Added Data

Package data for regulatory agencies and external partners that is perfectly cleaned, consistently governed, and always accessible.

Data Management

Become the best Business Optimizer:

Business Optimizers know how to use the data foundation to reduce inefficiencies in business processes and capitalize on business opportunities.

Inspire People to Understand Progress

Provide internal stakeholders with self-service data discovery and insights so they can better understand and benchmark progress.

Watson Analytics

Reduce Costly Inefficiencies

Invest in analytical tools that help find opportunities to reduce costs and inefficiencies in finance, operations, sales, and more.

Business Intelligence

Find Opportunities for Growth

Discover trends and patterns that uncover opportunities for growth using predictive analytics and grow your customer base with personalized experiences

Predictive Analytics

Become the best Market Innovator:

Market innovators know how to expand the use of cognitive technologies in their organizations – monetizing the data and becoming digital disruptors.

Create New Business Models

Stimulate industry innovation by leveraging cognitive technologies to make the most out of your data.

Cognitive Business Solutions

Drive New Customer Experiences

Devise personal, real-time, and data-driven interactions that customers love and keep coming back to experience.

Stream Computing

Develop New Products

Create interactive, data-driven products such as applications that include cognitive functionalities and capitalize on the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things