Solve your marketing planning challenges

Respond with agility

Your challenge
Constantly changing, highly-demanding customer preferences require marketers to interpret large volumes of data and respond appropriately. But siloed data systems provide only a partial picture and hinder decision making.

Our solution
With easy access to broad organizational and historical data, you can run unlimited “what-if” scenarios to assess the best course of action. This allows you to see potential impact even before you implement changes.

Accelerate change

Your challenge
It’s critical to be able to continuously modify marketing plans to ensure a responsive, optimized strategy. However, most marketers use manual and inflexible spreadsheets, making it difficult to execute change quickly.

Our solution
Optimize your marketing plans with an automated solution that leverages deep insights into campaign performance and market trends. Execute budget reallocation or make adjustments to your marketing mix in real-time.

Unify planning

Your challenge
Marketing teams can be fragmented and disconnected from sales. This can lead to siloed planning, misalignment with overall marketing goals, and misallocated spend on the wrong elements of the marketing mix.

Our solution
Unite silos with marketing planning software that provides one source of truth. Give all users access to the same data, analytics and plans. Build bottom-up plans that align to both marketing and organizational objectives.

Marketing planning solution: IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1®

IBM Planning Analytics is a fast and flexible marketing planning and analytics solution. Deployable on cloud or on premises, the solution automates manual processes. Leverage one streamlined planning solution to simplify complex analytics and support the communication of insights across your organization.

What our users are saying

“We can design marketing plans that bring more people to stores to buy our products.”

— Donald Neumann, Grupo Boticário

“It is definitely helping us to anticipate and adapt to changing conditions in a much more agile way.”

— Margaux Barradas-Brand, STA Travel

“Now we can better understand ever-changing customer needs in each market, and use that knowledge to inform our decision-making.”

— Connie Walsh, Allen Edmonds

Marketing planning software use cases

Resource allocation

Ensure visibility into your marketing spend and easily reallocate based on performance or changing conditions. Track resources on multiple dimensions (by campaign, channel, business unit) to compare budget to actual.

Marketing revenue planning and forecasting

Create more-accurate revenue plans and forecasts based on historical sales data and marketing performance metrics, such as leads and conversion rates. Drive marketing performance that achieves your business objectives.

Campaign optimization

Track and analyze campaigns in real time to understand performance against targets and make ongoing adjustments. Perform deep, granular analysis to understand buying behaviors and customer churn.

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