Let’s create automation that propels innovation

Choose intelligent automation to handle business and IT operations at scale for your entire organization

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Automate your business end-to-end

It’s time to move beyond the bots and let IBM’s intelligent automation make work less work. On a single platform and on any cloud, you can turn unstructured data into a large-scale, problem-solving opportunity: 

-        Discover how your systems and processes run 
-        Decide what and how to automate 
-        Act across business and IT 
-        Optimize for continuous improvement 

With IBM Automation solutions, you can reduce time and costs, boost productivity and focus on what matters most: better performance, a stronger workforce and happier customers. 

Business automation

Let’s help your workforce work better

Discover intelligent automation solutions from IBM to automate business workflows, seamlessly integrate business systems, gain insights into operations and create a stronger, more productive workforce.

Using IBM automated workflow services and software, TD Ameritrade reduced the time required to open a new account by 70%.”

AIOps and IT automation

Let’s make your infrastructure more reliable and cost-effective

Explore IBM IT automation solutions that help you optimize your IT operations with a seamless environment integration. Simultaneously reduce cloud and infrastructure costs by 30% and speed up MTTR by 50%.

Automating repetitive operations helped Electrolux save 1,000 hours per year on a single repair task.”

Take the next step in your automation journey

Discover how IBM Intelligent Automation can help you improve performance and empower teams.