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Operational risk management for financial services

The challenge

Align risk exposure with business objectives

Operational risk is a new frontier compared to credit and market risk. Changing regulatory guidelines are increasingly challenging to interpret and apply. Ultimately, managing risk and return becomes an efficiency management task. In the current state, magnanimous risks, such as reputation risk, have emerged as great killers of shareholder value. IBM has developed methods to measure and help you manage this great new risk.


The solution

Prevent, protect and prosper<

Operational risk management for financial services from IBM helps your enterprise take an instrumented approach to risk mitigation. Every transaction and change in location, state or condition becomes a source with the potential to deliver valuable insight. It includes the optimization of existing data—and its underlying structure—including tools like data models, cleansing, de-duplication, movement and consolidation.

The solutions can help financial services firms comply with regulatory burdens and encourage an interconnected systems design built on a single source of the truth that provides data that is authentic, relevant and referable

And for a more intelligent approach to risk management, the solutions include operational risk monitoring and control to quantify risks from the bottom up, improve understanding through causal analysis and best manage risk through effective key indicators.


The benefits

Take a proactive, not a reactive approach

IBM understands that business risk management needs to be operationalized through IT. To that extent, our risk experts are able to prepare solutions that meld business requirements and their effective execution through IT.


The specifics

Transform, optimise and adap

Our operational risk management portfolio includes solutions that can help you model the potential economic and social impact of significant operational events, including: