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innovationjam 2008

During the event, Jammers read through roughly 1.5 million pages. The average Jammer read 76 pages and spent just under two hours in the Jam, returning to the Jam on average eight times. Just under half the client organizations participating in the Jam were "active posters," as distinct from participants who spent time only reading posts and not contributing to new ideas.

BusinessWeek's Steve Hamm called InnovationJam 2008 "fascinating," noting "IBM and other big companies have been pushing innovation for a few years now, and innovation fatigue is beginning to set in. But the Jams show that this kind of exercise can produce not just good feelings and good ideas but good results."

Jammers agreed. As one put it, real change requires "more acting, less speaking." But producing "results" from such a wide-ranging global conversation—much of which dove deep into fundamental causes and impediments to success—is no easy task. A team of IBM technology and business experts distilled the Jam's insights, drawing on cutting-edge text-mining and analytic technologies from IBM Research.

The results of this analysis are now available as a global report (see link on this page). For those who participated in the Jam, customized reports by industry, country and geographical region are available through your IBM client representative.