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Compliance and supply chain security

IBM is committed to compliance with all import laws, regulations, and requirements applicable to our business. Given the breadth of IBM's global operations and dependance on an efficient inbound supply chain, it is vital that IBM be able to conduct operations in a secure and predictable manner with no impacts to our customers.

IBM's Import Compliance Office (ICO) is the global focal point for all aspects of IBM's importation compliance and supply chain security. The ICO identifies import control requirements, publishes compliance criteria, provides education, assesses operating unit compliance and maintains relationships with appropriate government agencies around the world relative to import activities.

Technology and Innovation fuel the globally integrated enterprise that IBM is today, creating many opportunities in the global economy. The ICO is not only focused on ensuring the compliance and security of IBM's supply chain, but also on trade facilitation efforts around the world. The ICO supports trade facilitation efforts that enhance supply chain efficiency, predictability, and security. IBM works closely with the World Customs Organization (WCO), regional trade groups and local authorities encouraging common global processes, that increase an importers ability to comply and deliver a compliant, secure and efficient supply chain operation.

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If you require further assistance, please contact the IBM Import Compliance Office.

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