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Delivery Centre Central Eastern Europe in Brno

Thanks to David Barnes' support and involvement, we had a very successful event in our Delivery Centre Central Eastern Europe in Brno that was initiated, prepared and executed by GP with the support of MarCom. The role of workforce in the Czech Republic’s competitiveness was debated at the Centre on the occasion of IBM's Centennial and DC Brno's 10th anniversary. At the high level panel, workforce policies were discussed in the framework of economic and societal changes. At the panel, led by David, were Mayor of Brno, Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Deputy Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, Deputy President of South Moravian region and Vice president of Union of Trade and Industry.

The event was attended by more than 30 representatives of IBM's key stakeholders, key clients and representatives of the local, regional and national government and academia . Among them, CEO of ABB, ED of South Moravian branch of Chzech investment agency CzechInvest, ED of South Moravian Regional Committee managing EU funds in the region, and the Head of regional Labor Office. About 30 GDC top managers participated at the event.

Using the "best practice" example of the city of Brno and IBM's White Paper on workforce policies, we succeeded in showing the necessity of sound competitiveness strategy and the important role of workforce policies for Czech economic development, growth and jobs as well strengthening the momentum for workforce policy reforms. We managed to present the Delivery Center Central Eastern Europe in Brno as a showcase of the workforce in the 21st century, an important employer in the region offering quality jobs with the great potential.

The event was followed by very productive meetings Czech and Slovak ministers of Labor as well as internal meetings with IBM stakeholders critical for our effectiveness on Labor issues . David congratulated the Slovak minister on the Government Proposal of the new Labor Code that is now in the Parliament and praised the flexibility (hiring, firing, overtime, fixed term contracts) that would be achieved when the Code is agreed by the Parliament and press at the same time on further improvements (Temporary Agency Work and further extension of over time arrangement under special circumstances). We also gained support for fast track procedures for IBM assignees in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and a promise of help with EU issues such as ICT and Working Time Directives.

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