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Global Innovation Outlook

Early in the 21st century, it's the very nature of innovation that has changed: it's happening faster, it's more open and collaborative, and outdated concepts around tightly controlled intellectual property are giving way to a more enlightened emphasis on sharing intellectual capital. To better understand what this means for business and society, IBM convened the Global Innovation Outlook (GIO), for the first time opening up its legendary technical and business trend analysis processes to outsiders.

IBM Podcast: The New Intellectual Property Marketplace: IBM presents a unique audio series entitled "The New Intellectual Property Marketplace."

IBM presents a unique audio series entitled "The New Intellectual Property Marketplace."

The Genographic Project: Dr. Ajay Royyuru explains Research's role

This is the most ambitious genetic anthropology research initiative in history, with plans to gather one of the largest collections of DNA samples to map how humankind populated the planet. IBM's role in the partnership will be to handle all aspects of storage and analysis of this complex data.

Unlocking IBM's Intellectual Capital: Healthcare and Education to benefit from IBM's innovation

IBM announced it is pledging royalty-free access to our patent portfolio for the development and implementation of selected open healthcare and education software standards built around web services, electronic forms and open document formats. The company believes open software standards lead to greater efficiency and innovation, transforming both health care and education.

World Community Grid: Societal Innovation

In November, 2004, IBM, along with representatives of the world's leading science, education and philanthropic organizations, launched World Community Grid, a global humanitarian effort that applies the unused computing power of individual and business computers to help address the world's most difficult health and societal problems.