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Global Innovation Outlook

GIO 3.0 Media & Content Report

The New New Media

Global Innovation Outlook report explores the future of media, content, and messaging

The Internet is often credited with driving significant and sometimes wrenching change. In particular, there's been much hand-wringing over the fate of the many traditional media and entertainment companies in this digital age. This is, after all, an age that allows content to be created, manipulated and distributed by anyone with a laptop and a phone line. But as with all great change, there is great opportunity, not just for these organizations, but for everyone in the global community.

This sentiment is what led IBM's Global Innovation Outlook to focus on media and content as an area ripe for collaborative innovation. In this age of so-called "New Media," every company, government, and individual is exploring their own usage and application of these new tools and environments. Chief executives of Fortune 500 companies are posting videos on YouTube. Politicians are blogging and creating MySpace pages. NGOs are building deeper, interactive relationships with their donor communities online. And this is just the beginning.

To better understand these shifts, IBM brought together dozens of business leaders, policy makers, and academics from around the world. Together, we explored new approaches that could effectively address the issues and opportunities of this transformation. The GIO Media & Content Report highlights the strongest insights from nine deep dives on the subject, held in seven different cities, including Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York, Seoul and Shanghai.

Essays contributed from GIO partners, such as Reuters and Syracuse University, IBM, and other GIO alumni, explore topics as varied and wide open as the subject matter itself. For example, there is a compelling look at how virtual worlds will irrevocably alter the messaging and advertising landscape over the next ten years. And an analysis of digital personas examines the viability of online user profiles that can be used to inform content producers and marketers of an individual's changing preferences.

The report also analyzes the latest trends, like the importance of creating authentic brands, and the powerful effect of viral anti-marketing can have on those brands. It looks at the impact that mobility is having, and will have, on the delivery of personalized content. And it explores where money is being made in the content value chain (hint: it's not from the content.)

Read the GIO report on Media & Content or order a hard copy of the report online. You can also follow the progress of the GIO at or the GIO blog at