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IBM Global Innovation Outlook (GIO)

IBM's Global Innovation Outlook (GIO)

Over five years ago, IBM launched a unique experiment in exploration, collaboration and innovation: the Global Innovation Outlook (GIO). During its evolution, we've convened hundreds of thought leaders, policymakers, business executives, university researchers and representatives from non-profit organizations. We've explored topics as varied and important as healthcare, energy and the environment, economic development in Africa, and the future of the world's water resources. We've shared the results of our exploration and analysis through reports and studies, brokered new relationships, and launched dozens of collaborative initiatives among GIO participants.

Today the GIO's approach pervades just about all IBM interactions. It is clearly visible in our thinking about building a Smarter Planet, and our implicit invitation for like-minded people around the world to join us in this endeavor.


Engage with IBM at any level today, and you will witness this belief in action, as well as the culture it engenders. Therefore, the GIO itself is no longer necessary as a standalone program, and we will no longer be conducting separate GIO deep dives, roundtables or forums as such. We will, however, continue to support and cultivate the communities essential to the spirit of the GIO, including the GIO Facebook and LinkedIn communities, so that GIO alumni can contact each other and IBM as often as they wish. GIO reports and other collateral material will also remain available. And the GIO blog archives will continue to be hosted at (link resides outside of

We encourage you to continue to engage with us at IBM, as well as your fellow GIO Alumni. Feel free to share any observations, interests or suggestions about the GIO, innovation, or the quest to make the planet smarter, with Edward Bevan at