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Global Innovation Outlook

Zhe Jiang: Mobile Communications Corporation

A subsidiary of a large mobile telecommunications corporation needed to capture complex business processes to enhance employee collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Bayer HealthCare Research: Analyzing and capturing pharmaceutical research processes

A model-driven development approach to pharmaceutical research that is anticipated to streamline the research process and bring new drugs to market more quickly and cost-effectively.

Healthcare: Mayo Clinic

The circular flow of information between clinical research and clinical care-clinical researchers distill knowledge from clinical data, such as patient records, while clinicians put clinical research into practice. Though this interplay is not new, recent trends are pushing the possibilities for medical advances to an entirely new level.

Media and entertainment: Threshold Animation Studios

As digital filmmaking capabilities have risen, so has the audience sophistication level, resulting in ever-rising expectations. However, like the movie industry as a whole, digital production companies are also under increasing pressure to both speed production cycles and reduce costs.