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Global Innovation Outlook concepts

IBM's Global Innovation Outlook (GIO)

In early 2004, IBM took an unprecedented step: we opened up our annual technology and business forecasting processes to the world with the first IBM Global Innovation Outlook.

The GIO is rooted in the belief that the very nature of innovation has changed in the early days of the 21st century. It is increasingly open, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and global. This shift means that the truly revolutionary innovations of our time — the ones that will create new markets, redefine old ones, and maybe even change the world for the better — require participation and investment across multiple constituencies. The GIO challenges the brightest minds on the planet — from the worlds of business, politics, academia, and nonprofits — to collaboratively address the most vexing challenges on earth.

The criteria for GIO focus areas are simple; they must represent trillions of dollars in economic activity, have far-reaching societal impact, and be ripe for innovation. Over the years we have collaboratively studied everything from our changing energy and environmental needs to the state of global healthcare to economic development in Africa.

These collaborations begin with a series of open, dynamic conversations called "deep dives." To date, more than 55 GIO deep dives on five continents have brought together more than 750 influencers from several dozen countries. These free-form conversations, fueled by a diverse mix of expertise and perspectives, are inevitably candid and spirited. Collectively, they result in an explosion of ideas that spark new relationships, policy initiatives, and market opportunities for all involved.

All of the results from the GIO are shared openly. On this web site you will find detailed reports, videos, podcasts, and other information about the GIO and its many focus areas. Come back often to this site to track the progress of the GIO throughout the year as it continues to unfold. And feel free to contribute to this important global conversation by posting your own thoughts on the GIO blog. The world is full of hard questions. Together, we may arrive at a few answers. That's innovation that matters.