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Continuous engineering: Speed delivery of smart and connected products

Continuous engineering is an enterprise capability that speeds delivery of increasingly sophisticated and connected products by helping businesses to evolve their engineering practices to adapt to the accelerating pace of business change.

Continuous Engineering diagram Continuous Engineering diagram

Continuous engineering provides greater insight. Insight originates with data—data about product performance, customer sentiment, and engineering effectiveness.

Adapting to continuous change

Today’s products and systems—from medical devices to cars to smart power grids—are more intelligent, instrumented and interconnected than ever. To keep pace and stay competitive, a manufacturer must be able to adjust to constant change—change in consumer expectations, change in technology, and change in the dynamic environments in which today’s connected products live. Because change is continuous, engineering must be continuous—to derive revenue from products long after they are placed into service.

Continuous engineering addresses the ever present need to never stop rethinking, redesigning, reintegrating, and re-innovating products and solutions.