Sample applications

Explore our sample applications to understand the types of apps you can develop with the Conversation service.

Conversation simple app

The Node.js app shows how the Conversation service uses intents in a simple chat interface. It shows the conversation with an end user and the JSON responses at each turn of the conversation.

See the demo or fork the code.

Conversation and Discovery app

This application demonstrates the combination of the Conversation and Discovery services. First, users pose questions to the Conversation service. If Conversation is not able to confidently answer, Conversation Enhanced executes a call to Discovery to provide the user with a list of helpful answers.

See the demo or fork the code.

Conversation and car dashboard UI

This Node.js app is a fully developed example of the type of app you can build with the Conversation service uses intents, entities, and dialog.

View the demo.

Conversation and Tone Analyzer

The IBM Watson™ Tone Analyzer service uses linguistic analysis to detect three types of tones from written text: emotions, social tendencies, and writing style. The Watson Food Coach app is an example of the Tone Analyzer service integrated with the Conversation service. In this app, depending on the kind of food the user ate and how he or she is feeling about it, the automated agent provides an appropriate coaching response to encourage the user to make healthy choices.

View the demo or fork the code