Overview of the IBM Watson Conversation service

With the IBM Watson™ Conversation service, you can create an application that understands natural-language input and uses machine learning to respond to customers in a way that simulates a conversation between humans.

How to use the service

This diagram shows the overall architecture of a complete solution:Flow diagram of the service

  • Users interact with your application through the user interface that you implement. For example, A simple chat window or a mobile app, or even a robot with a voice interface.

  • The application sends the user input to the Conversation service.

    • The application connects to a workspace, which is a container for your dialog flow and training data.
    • The service interprets the user input, directs the flow of the conversation and gathers information that it needs.
    • You can connect additional Watson services to analyze user input, such as Tone Analyzer or Speech to Text.
  • The application can interact with your back-end systems based on the user's intent and additional information. For example, answer question, open tickets, update account information, or place orders. There is no limit to what you can do.


You complete these steps to implement your application:

  • Configure a workspace. With the easy-to-use graphical environment, you set up the dialog flow and training data for your application.
  • Develop your application. You code your application to connect to the Conversation workspace through API calls. You then integrate your app with other systems that you need, including back-end systems and third-party services such as chat services or social media.

Supported languages

The Conversation service supports Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Dutch. Arabic is supported through the use of the Conversation API but not through the tooling interface.

Next steps

Questions and feedback

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