Getting started with Watson and Bluemix

You're just a few steps away from getting started with IBM Watson™.

Step 1: Getting a free Bluemix account

Create a free 30-day trial account on IBM® Bluemix®. Sign-up for free. You'll receive an email to activate your account.

IBM® Bluemix® is the cloud platform that hosts Watson services. Learn more.

Step 2: Setting up your Bluemix account

After you activate your account and log in, you go through a simple process to set up your environment. A wizard takes you through the process:

Create org wizard

Step 3: Finding a service

Next, you pick a Watson service to work with.

If you're not already there, select Catalog and then Watson to get to the list of services.

Click Catalog, and then Watson

Step 4: Creating a service instance

Bluemix provides resources to your applications through a service instance. Create your own instance.

Select a service from the Watson catalog and start using it for free by clicking Create.

Create a service instance by clicking Catalog, then Watson, then the service, then Create.

Step 5: Getting service credentials

Select Service Credentials and then View Credentials to get your authentication information. You'll use the information that is displayed as the credentials to authenticate to your service instance from your app.

Here's how to find the credential information later from your Bluemix dashboard.

Get service credentials by clicking Dashboard, then your instance, then View Credentials

Next steps: Starting to code

You're ready to go. You have the account and service information that you need. Start developing with Watson!