Controlling request logging for Watson services

By default, all IBM Watson™ services log requests and their results. Logging is done only to improve the services for future users. The logged data is not shared or made public.

If you are concerned with protecting the privacy of users' personal information or otherwise do not want your requests to be logged, you can opt out of logging.

To prevent IBM from accessing your data for general service improvements, set the header parameter X-Watson-Learning-Opt-Out to true or 1 for the request. (Any value other than false or 0 disables request logging for that call.) You must set the header on each request that you do not want IBM to access.

Important: X-WDC-PL-OPT-OUT deprecated: The earlier name, X-WDC-PL-OPT-OUT, is deprecated, although it continues to work for now. The header accepts a value of 1 to opt out of request logging. Any other value enables logging.