Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR)

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Orchestrate and automate incident response

Threat detection is only half of the security equation. You also need smart incident response to the growing volume of alerts, multiple tools and staff shortages. Mature organizations are adopting a single security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform, and working with consulting and managed services to improve their security operations centers.

This proactive approach to security threats delivers the critical elements of a successful zero trust strategy.


Introducing IBM Security™ QRadar® XDR

IBM launches open, connected security suite with plans to acquire ReaQta


Accelerate incident response Your analysts face an onslaught of alerts, with an often confusing array of tools at their disposal. Automation helps enrich incidents with threat intelligence so they can quickly resolve damaging phishing attacks, malware infections in multiple endpoints, or focus attention on more critical tasks. Manage security operations Your SOC analysts may spend a lot of time in reaction mode. Managed detection and response experts can help them undertake more proactive vulnerability management and endpoint diagnostics, using tools like Ansible to scale and resolve issues when they occur. Maximize your security tools with orchestration A SOAR platform integrates your security tools, helping you centralize, standardize and scale processes. It automatically correlates security alerts flagged by your SIEM against threat intelligence feeds for malicious indicators, or integrates malware analysis into incidents after detonating in a sandbox.


Case studies

Responding to security issues faster One of the leading UK broadband providers needed to be more responsive to cyber threats as its business expanded. IBM helped integrate IBM Security™ SOAR into its existing security infrastructure, establishing a centralized hub that improves visibility into issues and speeds incident response. Learn how TalkTalk achieved faster resolution


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IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Integrate security tools to gain insights into threats across hybrid, multicloud environments.

SOAR platform

Help your security team respond to cyber threats with confidence, automate with intelligence and collaborate with consistency.

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