How much does a data breach cost?

Get insights from real breaches in the Cost of a Data Breach report


How it’s used

Consistent collaboration

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Respond confidently

Align your team's incident response and increase collaboration by giving them visibility into incident progression, receiving timely notifications, and assigning tasks to team members, including key stakeholders from business units such as IT, legal and HR.

Orchestration and automation

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Empower your team to respond more efficiently

Orchestration and automation capabilities build dynamic playbooks that enable your team to adapt faster based on new incident information and focus on high-level investigations by reducing repetitive tasks. The power of the SOAR system is amplified through numerous security tool integrations.

Case management

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Bridge silos between security and IT teams

Maintain compliance through the robust case management capabilities of a SOAR system. Your team can keep track of security incidents, meet tight audit deadlines, and extend their reach into IT with integrations such as Red Hat Ansible and other popular ticketing system solutions.

Breach response

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Prepare for and respond to privacy breaches

Integrate privacy use cases, such as data breach response and data subject access request, into traditional SOAR technology to guide your team through complex regulations and processes to meet compliance.



QRadar SOAR is a leader with top-rated capabilities

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2022 Software Reviews - Top Rated Capability - Availability and Quality of Training
2022 Software Reviews - Top Rated Feature - Orchestrate and Automate
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2022 Software Reviews - Leader - Security Orchestration, Automation and Response
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