Mitigate risks with IBM Data Risk Manager

What you don’t know can hurt you. Identify and help prevent risks to sensitive business data that may impact business processes, operations, and competitive position. IBM Data Risk Manager provides executives and their teams a business-consumable data risk control center that helps to uncover, analyze, and visualize data-related business risks so they can take action to protect their business.
A data risk dashboard that highlights where business applications are being hosted and provides provides privacy risk of all business applications imported from OneTrust.

Uncover business sensitive data

Identify high-value, business-sensitive information assets that are at risk from internal and external threats. Provide an end-to-end view of business metadata associated with crown jewel data.

Analyze potential risks

Provide early visibility into potential risks that may affect sensitive business information assets, data and processes.

Visualize data exposure

Convey meaning and value to executives with a business-consumable data risk control center. Enable conversations with IT, security, and the line of business to improve processes and mitigate risks.

Key Features

  • Interactive data risk control center
  • Data discovery and classification
  • Automated analytics
  • Business risk evaluation and modeling

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