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Fix list for IBM MQ Version 9.1.x Continuous Delivery

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IBM MQ provides regular updates containing new function and fixes. The following is a complete listing of available fixes for Version 9.1.x with the most recent CD Release at the top


Release Date Total APARs Security APARs HIPER APARs
IBM MQ 9.1.5 2 April 2020 63 12 4
IBM MQ 9.1.4 5 December 2019 101 11 14
IBM MQ 9.1.3 11 July 2019 56 7 3
IBM MQ 9.1.2 21 March 2019 68 1 5
IBM MQ 9.1.1 30 November 2018 54 3 1

To download IBM MQ Fix and Refresh Packs follow this link.

Vulnerability risk information for IBM MQ can be found at Security Bulletin for WebSphere MQ

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IBM MQ 9.1.5 Windows, UNIX®

(Last modified: Nov 2022)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT25591 Connection to queue manager fails after upgrade to IBM MQ error log reports user missing CTRL authority on qmgr (AMQ8077)
IT25636 Inadequate error message is reported when RDQM configuration fails due to incorrect file permission.
IT27173 AMQPKA attribute incorrectly shown as being in seconds
IT28019 CVE-2020-4466 for IBM MQ and CVE-2020-4466 for IBM MQ Appliance
IT28539 XMS .NET incorrectly require "get" authority on the target cluster queue for an alias queue
IT28870 IBM MQ v9 probe ID AO221001 generated by amqzmuc0 process
IT28958 The uninstallRDQMsupport script fails to uninstall IBM MQ packages
IT29066 AMQ3817E is returned when creating Replicated Data Queue Manager(RDQM)
IT29107 The "crtmqdir -a" command reports file errors under /var/mqm directory after fix pack installation
IT29154 IBM MQ CVE-2021-38949 
IT29180 Adjust schedule time for daylight savings
IT29254 XMS Managed .NET application takes several seconds to re-establish a connection with a queue manager after a failover
IT29375 CVE-2019-4762
IT29480 High CPU observed in amqzmur0 and/or amqzmuc0 processes when using SuppressMessage tuning attribute
IT29787 MQMD.UserIdentifier is not space-padded if the user was looked up from LDAP
IT29798 CVE-2019-4614
IT29838 Add charts (widgets) to the MQ V9.1 console generates FDC referencing XC130004 from amqzlsa0
IT30004 The misleading message "No matching authority records" is reported when the dmpmqaut command is run with the '-e' switch
IT30032 Adding a custom classpath in the service.env file does not work as documented with the IBM MQ Telemetry service.
IT30096 MQ .NET returns 2059 error instead of returning 2537 and 2538
IT30243 Managed File Transfer source agent generates FDC containing message "Failed to queue a delete open file request for file"
IT30253 TLS-secured MQ Java/JMS client connection attempt with SSLPEER SERIALNUMBER filter fails with AMQ9636
IT30255 IBM MQ classes for Java/JMS hang when trace is enabled for multiple threads running on different classloaders
IT30436 Upgrading/Updating IBM MQ can result in AMQP port channel being reset to default value 5672
IT30487 dmpmqcfg generates incorrect commands for IBM MQ z/OS queues that are in a Queue Sharing Group (QSG)
IT30603 'AMQ4172E There was an error when trying to set or retrieve information' is displayed when stopping channel from IBM MQ Explorer
IT30605 CVE-2020-4310
IT30610 Cluster channel is put into STOPPED state after running command REFRESH CLUSTER REPOS(YES)
IT30633 IBM MQ Managed File Transfer tracing enhancements for SFTP transfers
IT30649 CVE-2019-4656
IT30668 IBM MQ Classes for Java/JMS trace is not produced if an invalid character in the trace output filename is used
IT30677 IBM MQ Telemetry channel stops and generates FDC with Probe ID XR014005 when multiple MQTT clients disconnect simultaneously
IT30698 runmqras fails to find a queue manager, with a warning indicating the specified queue manager was not found
IT30710 CVE-2020-4267 for IBM MQ and CVE-2020-4267 for IBM MQ Appliance
IT30745 Improve AMQ9637 error message when client passes no certificate
IT30751 Java application remains connected to queue manager if PCFAgent.connect() throws an exception
IT30754 The IBM MQ fix pack installer incorrectly reports resources in use when an authority error is encountered
IT30768 Managed transfers fail with a BFGBR0119E message, where the BFGBR0119E message stops after the word "because".
IT30812 IBM MQ Resource Adapter IVT sample application "wmq.jmsra.ivt.ear" fails to deploy to WebSphere Application Server
IT30843 MQTT client connecting to a cluster queue manager results in client FDCs indicating MQRC_CLUSTER_RESOLUTION_ERROR
IT31027 After applying maintenance channel reports AMQ9514 even though AdoptNewMCA function is enabled
IT31166 JMS FDC generated when bad file path is specified for the property ""
IT31241 CVE-2019-4731
IT31283 CVE-2017-16231
IT31286 On IBM MQ Appliance the show interface output may sometimes may not show the network interfaces
IT31362 MQRC_XQH_ERROR (2260) when re-queueing messages with an MQXQH
IT31303 NullPointerException in MQIPT and MQIPT.conf is truncated after updating from MQIPT GUI
IT31390 Add task to broadcast gratuitous ARP for all VLAN and Link Aggregation interfaces
IT31623 IBM MQ classes for JMS incorrectly treat messages with headers that have a CCSID field set to -2 as poison messages.
IT31778 Non MQWebAdmin user unable to publish message to a topic using MQConsole
IT31787 CVE-2020-4319
IT31861 A queue manager may stop delivering messages to the client when the client uses MQCB/MQCTL APIs
IT31900 IBM MQ Classes for JMS application unable to consume a JMS MapMessage containing Unicode escape sequences
IT31911 CVE-2018-19519 & CVE-2019-11745
IT32055 CVE-2020-4320
IT33067 Queue manager generates FDC AO157050 from aoiAllocEntry and fails to start
IT34685 The dltmqm command may fail if run on multiple RDQM nodes concurrently
IT36414 FDC with probe ID XC130003 is generated when an IBM MQ C client tries to connect
IT39093 Queue still damaged after being recovered from media image. FDC probe AQ123002 with arcE_OBJECT_DAMAGED error code
PH19599 MFT failed to recall HMS migrated target dataset with OBTAIN DSNERROR RC=4 (0X4)
SE72648 Agent process AMQZLAA0 MCH6902

IBM MQ 9.1.4 Windows, UNIX®

(Last modified: Nov 2022)

IJ10496 XMS .NET applications throw mqrc 2012 if session.close is issued within the transaction & xms is participating in XA transactions
IJ12535 FDC with probe ID DN121701 reported by MQManagedReconnectableThread.Run()
IT24272 Unexpected return codes from DISPLAY PUBSUB and DISPLAY POLICY MQSC commands
IT25059 After REFRESH CLUSTER, FDCs with probe RM702021 component rrmCheckSubsForQMgr appear
IT25846 Queue manager writes FDC with Probe RN194031 rrmCheckSubs when Full Repositories are both demoted
IT26512 CHLAUTH USERMAP rules not applied when ChlauthEarlyAdopt=y and client user missing +connect
IT27273 IBM MQ Client Applications configured for reconnection do not reconnect when the Queue Manager fails over using MSCS.
IT27439 Setting IBM MQ client CCSID to 1200 causes connections to fail with 2059 or 2540
IT27478 IBM MQ Appliance: mqcli abnormally terminates if cli timeout is set to non zero value
IT27631 Provide a command to obtain IBM MQ call stacks on the IBM MQ Appliance if a hang occurs
IT27752 amqldmpa ending with memory exception (e.g. SIGSEGV) followed byOS pid reuse causes queue manager hang
IT27773 Allow dynamic tracing of LDAP client library code shipped with IBM MQ
IT27834 A cluster repository loses sight of some other queue managers after a refresh cluster is done
IT27950 IBM MQ Resource Adapter fails to match a ManagedConnection after it was previously used in a transaction which was rolled back
IT27964 IBM MQ Appliance reports AMQ5531E messages when retrieving queue manager status through WebUI or REST
IT27986 Using MQRC to convert an IBM MQ error log file to JSON format results in corrupt Japanese characters
IT28238 The output of the runmqsc command "alter qmgr ?" is not properly formatted.
IT28397 SET AUTHREC command fails with AMQ8701: Entity, principal or group not known
IT28605 CICS/TXSeries IBM MQ application writes FDC probe ZC004062 and abends when stopping with -f or -c option
IT28621 IBM MQ reports AMQ9620E error 5 in function gsk_secure_soc_read
IT28660 JMS connections failing on z/OS 64 bit when trying to use the WMB adapter with the IBM MQ 9.1 JMS client
IT28666 IBM MQ Client with client-side security exit reports invalid CLNTUSER value in AMQ9777 error
IT28706 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT28808 amqspdbg is not correctly printing large numbers for totalSetSize
IT28817 Performance degradation when using JMS MessageListeners to consume non-persistent messages outside of a transaction
IT28897 IBM MQ Telemetry service fails with OutOfMemoryError after multiple MQTT V3.1.1 client takeovers
IT28932 NullPointerException when creating a JMSContext with a JTA UserTransaction
IT28981 STOP CHANNEL MODE(TERMINATE) leaves channel hung and may permanently display "STOPPING"
IT29065 IBM MQ client MQCONN failure rc=2035 when shortname is sourced from Case-sensitive LDAP attribute
IT29066 AMQ3817E is returned when creating Replicated Data Queue Manager(RDQM)
IT29088 Partial FDC record written by amqzlaa0 process followed by hang or abend of that process
IT29114 Memory leak in the IBM MQ Java client after a failed connection attempt using a custom SSLSocketFactory
IT29169 amqzxma0 not ending during queue manager shutdown
IT29237 AMQ8075 Authorization failed error with CONNAUTH ADOPTCTX(YES)
IT29238 "AMQ7047E: An unexpected error was encountered by a command" received when installing the MQSeriesWeb component in Docker
IT29252 Resource adapter deployed into WebSphere Liberty via the jca-1.7feature cannot use dynamic outbound configurations.
IT29524 CVE-2019-4491
IT29281 IBM MQ process hang after memory exception SIGSEGV
IT29354 Object damage when the queue file reaches 2TB
IT29386 IBM MQ Telemetry service fails to start, and generates an FDC with probe identifier XR063035.
IT29410 IBM MQ Explorer displays queue manager startup field as "Interactive (manual)" instead of "Automatic"
IT29421 Unneeded FDC with probe AO009010 from apiCreateDynamicQueue, major errorcode lrcE_SECURITY_ERROR
IT29430 IBM MQ 9.1: runmqras does not collect IBM MQ software tag file information
IT29434 An IBM MQ classes for JMS application hangs when using the automatic client reconnect function
IT29451 MQPUT fails with MQRC_CLUSTER_RESOLUTION_ERROR (2189) but the rc should be MQRC_OBJECT_CHANGED (2041)
IT29472 strmqm fails with xecP_E_ACCESS_DENIED after system reboot
IT29497 IBM MQ Appliance:  Expose "http-covert" logging target category
IT29528 Deadlock in publish/subscribe followed by queue manager hang with LONG_LOCK_WAIT FDCs
IT29560 Some invocations of the dmpmqcfg utility reports AMQ5705E error
IT29566 An MFT resource monitor with a NoMatch trigger condition fails to submit the monitor task and generates an FFDC
IT29602 The AMQ9288 message and documented limit of TLS records sent are incorrect
IT29659 IBM MQ Explorer logs a "Widget is disposed" error
IT29692 IBM MQ traces the wrong byte position for the failing character if data conversion fails
IT29695 SIGSEGV within function rfxAddCLQ and queue manager will not start
IT29719 dmpmqcfg for subscriptions is missing some '+' for DEST, DESTQMGR and DESTCORL.
IT29729 An MQ classes for JMS application may hang when using automatic client reconnect after network interruptions
IT29807 9.1.3 queue manager generates a CCDT file which is not readable by a backlevel client
IT29811 IBM MQ MFT: Transferring files to a destination Protocol Bridge Agent fails with error BFGBR0119E.
IT29839 CVE-2019-4655
IT29854 IBM MQ Console chart widgets stop updating
IT29868 Allow IBM MQ AMS applications to use GSKit in non-FIPS mode
IT29902 An IBM MQ MFT source agent enters recovery when an invalid destination agent QMgr is specified on a transfer request
IT29910 Update the JSch library version shipped with IBM MQ for the IBM MQ Managed File Transfer for SFTP transfers
IT29973 Enhance tracing in the IBM MQ Explorer Managed File Transfer plugin when determining agent status.
IT29978 IBM MQ Console creates multiple non-durable subscriptions for the same chart widgets.
IT30034 Protocol bridge agent configuration error is not reported on thefteCreateTransfer command.
IT30058 Channel status "STOPPED" was not saved so after restarting the queue manager it showed "RETRYING"
IT30070 CVE-2019-4560
IT30127 Windows MQ Trigger monitor produces many FDC records if console codepage is changed
IT30146 Channel status for SVRCONN channels not being remembered after queue manager restart
IT30148 An MQ MFT agent running a resource monitor hangs when in recovery
IT30159 Setting the "traceEnabled" configuration property to true on theMQ resource adapter does not enable trace
IT30160 Queue manager can show incorrect LDAPCONN QMSTATUS when using IDPWLDAP authinfo object
IT30199 IBM MQ resource adapter in Liberty for z/OS throws exception with "The method xa_open has failed with errorCode -5"
IT30234 Message delivery to an MDB stops when using the IBM MQ resource adapter, later resulting in the JEE server hanging on shutdown
IT30267 After REFRESH CLUSTER the DISPLAY CLUSQMGR output lists more queue managers than it should
IT30275 Update IBM MQ Java SE common services component to use eight digit thread identifiers in trace
IT30321 IBM MQ JMS poison message handling fails with messages using little endian encoding, MQMD.encoding = 0x222
IT30348 Allow suppression of TCP/IP bad data FDCs
IT30366 Truncation of queue manager/queue names in AMQ9785 message
IT30367 Inconsistent MQSC output produced by dmpmqcfg
IT30371 IBM MQ might return incorrect values for accounting or statistics AverageQueueTime
IT30396 CVE-2018-14348, CVE-2018-0495 CVE-2018-12404, CVE-2018-0734 CVE-2019-1559, CVE-2019-9511 CVE-2019-9513, CVE-2019-1563 & CVE-2019-1547
IT30410 Use of the sample IBM MQ MFT ProtocolBridgeCredentials.xml file results in a parsing error reported in the agent's event log
IT30429 CVE-2019-4285, CVE-2019-4305, CVE-2019-4304, CVE-2019-9515, CVE-2019-9518, CVE-2019-9517, CVE-2019-9512, CVE-2019-9514, CVE-2019-9513, CVE-2019-4441
IT30457 Upgrade Jetty, CometD and SLF4J shipped with IBM MQ v9.1 for Linux (x86-64)
IT30482 IBM MQ Telemetry service does not stop if is configured to enable remote JMX monitoring.
IT30490 CVE-2018-15473
IT30501 Clear Queue option is missing in the queue widget on the IBM MQ Console
IT30514 Memory leak in amqrmppa process when SHARECNV is 0 or greater than 1
IT30582 Update level of LDAP client supplied with IBM MQ v9.1 LTS to
IT30606 Update level of GSKIT shipped with IBM MQ 9.1 LTS to
IT30614 crtmqm and mqcli commands fail after running user restore in a new and/or a reinitialized(factory reset) appliance
IT30707 IBM MQ Appliance reloads when trying to log an event against a disabled SNMP log category
IT30828 CVE-2017-11462
IT30829 CVE-2019-4620
IT30830 CVE-2019-4619
IT30928 CVE-2019-4719
IT30974 IBM MQ Appliance queue manager status commands return with UNKNOWN status
IT33575 ProbeID XC130031 from kpiCancelWaiter when ending the queue manager
SE70949 MQM400-INCORROUT manager on CCSID 37 sender channel convert 0x15 to CCSID 1253 0x85 VS 0x0A
SE71043 MQM400-UNPRED MQ V9.1 web commands may fail due to language
SE72277 RUNMQCHI AMQ950PE:  Program cannot open queue manager object.  Reason code 2500

IBM MQ 9.1.3 Windows, UNIX®

(Last modified: July 2019)

XMS .NET application doesn't honor header compression properties set in the application for unmanaged mode.
A MQ JMS MessageConsumer.receive(long) call may not immediately return when closing the consumer
CHLAUTH rule fails to be applied as expected however error AMQ9557 reports 'User ID' in different case
The command server process does not write an error in the queue manager error log when there is a MQRC_Q_FULL error
When a queue manager is deleted using the dltmqm command this is not reported in the system error log
Inadequate error message is reported when RDQM configuration fails due to incorrect file permission.
AMQ9777 error message not by reported if user is blocked by CHLAUTH rule and ChlAuthEarlyAdopt is enabled
Access Violation FDC reported with Probe Id XC130031 in functionxcsRequestThreadMutexSem.
With CHAD enabled a new SVRCONN channel results in AMQ9498: The MQCD structure supplied was not valid.
MQ dotnet (.NET) client channel ends abnormally when the heartbeat (HBINT) is reached
.NET client application connecting with elliptical curve cipherSuite fails with MQRC_Q_MGR_NOT_AVAILABLE
MQ DotNet application sets incorrect NameValueLength field in MQRFH2 when NameValueData has special characters
Messages build up on SYSTEM.MQTT.PERSISTENT.STATE queue with multiple MQTT client takeovers in a short time period
FDC with probe ID XR03122014 and XR063017 are thrown when starting the queue manager using locale "JA_JP.EUCJP"
AMQ9213: A communications error for Unexpected flow
HA queue manager configured for DR fails to start after disabling and re enabling DR interface.
MQ Appliance: mqcli abnormally terminates if cli timeout is set to non zero value
Channel Retry does not function correctly if PING CHANNEL is executed while the channel is in retry state
IBM MQ channel status output shows blank MCAUSER when negotiatedSHARECNV value is zero
MQRC_BUFFER_LENGTH_ERROR (2005) error message when displaying authority records in the IBM MQ Explorer
MFT agents writes BFGAG0189W message to its event log during startup.
IBM MQ classes for JMS throw a java.lang.NullPointerException from JmsProducerImpl
IBM MQ Appliance reports AMQ5531E messages when retrieving queue manager status through WebUI or REST
The client user name is truncated in an AMQ9777 error message.
The IBM MQ classes for JMS do not invoke a message-driven bean (MDB)application if the message body is zero bytes
AMQ9469 in Full Repository error logs when cluster transmission queue has custom cap expiry set.
The MQSeriesGSKit Fix Pack package for Linux incorrectly contains a dependency on the MQSeriesJRE package
While getting an empty message, XMS .Net applications reports CWSMQ0282E and crash.
AMQ9513 error message doesn't include current MaxChannels value
IBM MQ Resource Adapter ignores the configured temporary model queue in a WebSphere JNDI defined connection factory
Memory exception FDC with Probe ID XC130004 in function kqiPutMessageToSubscriber if subscriber queue is put-inhibited.
MFT monitors stop working after an agent reconnects to its agent queue manager
IIB embedded MFT agent fails to start and generates an ABEND file
IBM MQ 9.1 Appliance queue manager stops and restarts if errors file system is full
AMQ7472W error message is missing information.
After applying the IBM MQ or later Fix Pack, the IBM MQ ExplorerMFT plug-in displays an "assertion failed" error message
Inadequate information present in FDCs generated due to failure of mapping CCSID correctly.
IT28699 CVE-2019-4049
FDC with Probe Id RM680065 and AMQ9504E Error are reported when a Java or managed .NET client issues an object inquiry
IBM MQ V8.0.0.11 client with client-side security exit fails to connect gets AMQ8077 authority errors
IT28607 IBM MQ Appliance:  endmqm on HA QM fails due to missing monitor resource
JMSAdmin Tool does not recognize the TEMPTOPICPREFIX forConnectionFactory objects.
IT28692 CVE-2019-4621
IT29141 CVE-2019-4378
IT29262 CVE-2019-4432
IT29484 "IBM MQSeries MSCS" resource not found when configuring failover clustering role for IBM MQ
IT30124 Queue Manager unavailable under high load.  Reports AMQ6150:  WebSphere MQ semaphore is busy
IT30637 No system name results in FDCs containing probe ID DP016021 being generated every minute
IT30667 The endmqm command does not wait for the AMQP service to end
IBM MQ client only install creates FDC data during logging of regular error
IBM MQ V8 on IBM i: RFRMQM's authority should be *PUBLIC *EXCLUDE
SE70886 MQM400-Validation of signed AMS message fails with AMQ9070
CMDMQM Menus missing in several languages for MQ V9.1 on IBM I

IBM MQ 9.1.2 Windows, UNIX®

(Last modified: Nov 2022)

With XMS .NET if the MQMD is corrupted a rollback puts the message back in the original queue not to the backout queue.
IBM MQ default put response (DEFPRESP) behaves unexpectedly when putting to cluster queues using MQPMO_RESPONSE_AS_Q_DEF
Memory leak with client MQCONNX when specifying multiple connection names
MQCONN from application returns MQRC_ALREADY_CONNECTED when hConn is invalid
IBM MQ V9: The RUNMQSC process is looping intermittently, if the new feature "RUNMQSC command line editor for Unix" is used.
MQ .NET reports inappropriate error code from MQDISC, if the connection is associated with an incomplete transaction
Message "AMQ7208: The Queue Manager failed to start cluster channel 'AMQ' " is erroneously written to error logs.
SIGSEGV from the LDAP client code. Queue manager becomes unstable afterwards
Authorization service fails. FDC with Probe ZF272010 and rc=MQRC_SERVICE_ERROR
Add resolved queue name to AMQ8416 error message
MQXR: Unexpected DISCONNECT packet from MQTT client causes FDC XR070013 PROTOCOL_HEADER error
IBM MQ bindings file setting ClientReconnectTimeout does not work for XMS as it does for JMS.
AMQ9772 error MQRC_RESOURCE_PROBLEM MQRC 2102 when connecting application on Windows
ConvEBCDICNewline option is not available for the IBM MQ client
MQDataException containing reason code 3013 thrown when receiving messages containing MQCFGR parameters
File permission values are incorrectly formatted within MQ tracepoint
Connections fail when CHLAUTH mapping rules and a security exit are defined on a channel and SHARECNV is greater than 1
Misleading message produced during backout processing
Description is not available
AMQ7076W error generated for valid values of 'MaximumSize' and 'UpdatePercentage' in MessageBuffer stanza of mqclient.ini file
IBM MQ Appliance queue manager configured for disaster recovery (DR) shows an unknown status and dltdr commands fail
Wildcard schema (WSCHEMA) value incorrectly altered when replacing SYSTEM.DEFAULT.SUB
FDC error with ProbeID XY314146 and component xcsTimedLookupAccountSid is generated due to Windows error 1788.
JMS subscribers using IBM MQ messaging provider migration mode and MSGSELECTION=BROKER do not receive any messages
IT26389 IBM MQ client application reports memory access exception in ChannelReceive thread.
File InputStreams acquired by the IBM MQ resource adapter are never closed
IT26395 Non-ascii UTF-8 characters in messages put by the messaging RESTAPI are replaced with '?' characters
amqzlaa0 process terminates due to an access violation (SIGSEGV)
FDCs with probe IDs XC332010 and KN107001 when MQGET wait interval exceeds 1000000000 ms
IBM MQ classes for JMS incorrectly require "get" authority on the target cluster queue for an alias queue
IBM MQ Explorer does not show all of the TLS/SSL cipher specs for IBM MQ Appliance channels
WebSphere Application Server v9.0 MQ Activation Specification shuts down following a JMSCC0108 message in the SystemOut.log
Failures due to missing authority records. FDCs with IDs KN034025 kpiSPIAdoptUser or ZF044022 zfu_as_CalculateAuthority
FDC with probe ID XC130031 and access violation reported when putting to queue manager's DEFXMITQ with activity trace enabled
IT26690 Running "show qm-status" on secondary appliance times out and does not display any results
AMQ9544 error message is incorrectly reported in a scenario where AMQ9527 should be reported
amqsevt sample uses high CPU when running as an IBM MQ Service
IBM MQ Explorer is missing arguments when displaying fteCreateTransfer command in transfer template wizard
IBM MQ Classes for Java memory leak when communicating to the queue manager over an unreliable TCP/IP network
.NET client incorrectly reports MQRC_Q_MGR_NOT_AVAILABLE (2059) if an SSL/TLS error is encountered when connecting to a qmgr
Blank MQ AUTHLIST( ) is displayed when authorities are added as a group and are individually removed.
HA/DR commands can fail if local address is a substring of the remote address
The -expiry flag to the listcert command on the IBM MQ Appliance is only honored if no expiry time is supplied
FDC file shows incorrect timezone information.
An HA queue manager on the IBM MQ Appliance does not start during failover and no error messages are written.
IBM MQ Error message AMQ9512 contains incorrect text
Weighted client channels with affinity preferred are not demoted after failing to connect
Issues with IBM MQ Explorer and IBM MQ Classes for Java when consuming an invalid message
Indirect runmqsc to a remote z/OS queue manager gives reason code 10 on exit
IBM MQ client channel terminates writing FFDC with probe id CO386011when using TLS
Memory leak in IBM MQ on Linux after a queue is emptied
MFT Agent generates an FFDC from MonitorWork indicating that a NullPointerException occurred.
Extremely short-lived TCP connections incorrectly generate AMQ9213E errors in the queue manager error log
The runmqras utility fails to obtain amqldmpa output files on the IBM MQ Appliance
When updating an MFT transfer template using the IBM MQ Explorer, both "Until" and "Forever" scheduled options are checked
IT27488 Authorisation error on trying to connect AMQP client to service when using LDAP for user authentication
Queue manager hangs following a SIGSEGV while contacting the LDAP server
IBM MQ Java/JMS application supplying password to connect to queue manager reports AMQ6047: Conversion not supported
An IBM MQ JMS application deadlocks after IT23101 when multiple threads compare JMS destinations
An IBM MQ JMS client application may fail to connect to a queue manager. An FFDC with probe id RM756099 is generated
IBM MQ Explorer shows 2MB as the default queue manager error log size
IT30634 MQ FDC with probe ID XC130003 generated when disconnecting from queue manager
IT33147 Running the endmqm command results in munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer error
IT34131 The mqrc utility incorrectly modifies timestamp values when converting error logs between text and JSON format
BFGCUSTM fails with a BFGCL0722E error
Agent or logger report a BFGUB0078W warning message indicating that CLEAN_AGENT_PROPS is not a valid prope
SE72255 IBM MQ V9.1 on IBM i, RUNMQCHL i slow to terminate while Queue Manager shutting down

IBM MQ 9.1.1 Windows, UNIX®

(Last modified: Sep 2022)

Dspmqver for XMS and WCF always displays the primary installation version
USERMAP CHLAUTH rules and ChlauthEarlyAdopt do not map to the correct user
MultiInstance Queue Manager failover may cause .Net client to send duplicate message
IBM MQ: AMQ8009 authorization errors are still generated for topics after setting MQS_REPORT_NOAUTH to FALSE
MQ .NET client delay in obtaining SID for specified user on large network
The dmpmqcfg command generates incorrect subscription definitions when using the 1line or 2line parameter
AMQ5532 is reported during LDAP authorization if the DN of the LDAP user has an escape character in it.
IBM MQ client fails to connect with 2035 (MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED) when LongUserId is not set
When an AMQP client unsubscribes to pre-existing queue object an FDC with Probe ID XR18012013 is generated
The IBM MQ V8 Command Server process fails with an access violation when attempting to inquire on channel status
Upgrading the IBM MQ Appliance to a version 9 firmware removes the previous WebUI dashboard configuration
Runmqras '-section cluster' does not collect the full set of cluster mustgather data on the IBM MQ Appliance
The status MQCLI control command shows negative memory usage
AMQ8077 incorrectly generated when messages are put to cluster queue
" Too many open files" errors from IBM MQ v7.5 queue manager when using IBM MQ Telemetry
MQ Classes for JMS write trace to a file called 'mqjava_%PID%.trc' instead of 'mqjms_%PID%.trc
FFDCs generated intermittently when IBM MQ classes for JMS applications get messages from an alias queue
When using cryptographic hardware, SSL/TLS channel reports AM9642 with GSKit error 407
AMS-enabled application receives 2063 (MQRC_SECURITY_ERROR) from MQOPEN after disabling OCSP or CRL checking
FDC with PROBE ID XY596010 does not report the associated operating system error code
The haregtyp /r command for registering MQ MSCS resources reports success when an older, invalid registration is found.
Enhancements to runmqras utility
JMS messages delivered to a configured backout queue instead of an MDB can have a missing group id value
Reloading messages from a file to a queue may fail when messages were saved with dmpmqmsg command using '-dt' parameter
If a shared memory set is unavailable then the queue manager can enter an infinite loop
IBM MQ MFT agent abend with NullPointerException probe ABEND_001
Application fails with rc 2009, queue manager generates FDCs with ProbeIDs ZL043050 and XC130031.
IBM MQ Appliance: SIGSEGV reported via FDC with ProbeID XC130003 when in dpcCmd_runmqras
runmqsc fails with error AMQ8135 on screen and AMQ5531 in error logs
Improve user action description for JMS authentication error messages JMSWMQ2013 and JMSWMQ2021
Clean Session Record was not removed from the SYSTEM.MQTT.PERSISTENT.STATE queue during a client takeover
runmqras not capturing WebUI logs
IBM MQ classes for JMS reports an unhelpful Java Exception when failing to interpret a received message
IBM MQ Resource Adapter deployed in Liberty receives a certificate chain error when creating a TLS connection
IBM MQ 9.0: AMQ8227 Channel not found error when issuing command to stop auto-defined CLUSSDR channel
IBM MQ Explorer MFT plugin labels the XML payload of the completed transfer log publication as "# IN PROGRESS"
Enhancements to runmqras utility
IBM MQ cluster full repository unable to complete "REFRESH CLUSTER" command, reporting AMQ9511 error
Connections fail when CHLAUTH mapping rules and a security exit are defined on a channel and SHARECNV is greater than 1
Repeated message output to WAS SystemOut.log file: MQJCA4004: Message delivery to an MDB 'null' failed with exception
A MQ-Java/JMS application fails to connect to a queue manager with the error: "AMQ6047: Conversion not supported"
When using isolated bindings xa_open fails with XAER_RMERR (0xFFFFFFFD / -3)
CHLAUTH rule not working when address uses DNS hostname, user receives MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED (2035)
IT26234 IBM MQ CVE-2018-1792 [CVSS Base Score: 8.8]
Managed File Transfer agent event logs do not rotate
runmqras doesn't pick up JVM dumps generated by the IBM MQ Appliance Web Console
MQ queue managers registered with the ICP Metering Service show an incorrect number of cores when viewed as a group
Corrupted characters displayed when running MQ commands on Windows in non-English languages
IT26510 IBM MQ CVE-2018-1883 [CVSS Base Score: 5.3]
IBM MQ Classes for JMS application deadlocks when JMS trace enabled
IT30721 FDC with probe ID XC130031 (Access violation/SIGSEGV) reported during client application disconnect
IBM MQ Explorer v9.1 welcome pages reference earlier versions of the IBM MQ product Knowledge Center
MFT agent client connection to agent QMGR, that is not a z/OS MQADVANCED QMGR, start fails: REPORT MQRC_FUNCTION_NOT_SUPPORTED

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SSYHRD","label":"IBM MQ"},"ARM Category":[],"Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF031","label":"Ubuntu"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"9.1.1;9.1.2;9.1.3;9.1.4, 9.1.5","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB45","label":"Automation"}}]

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17 November 2022