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Simplify, expedite and automate supplier management

Large, complex supplier networks make it harder to rapidly respond to unexpected events. IBM and IBM Business Partners help you reduce the time, cost and risk associated with qualifying, validating and managing your suppliers. A secure, permissioned and shared view of information built on blockchain can help you assess and onboard new suppliers up to 70% faster and avoid disputes. IBM’s global business network and supplier collaboration solutions make it easier to collaborate digitally to resolve disruptions, drive efficiencies and increase supplier satisfaction for critical order-to-cash and procure-to-pay transactions. Embedded AI capabilities such as anomaly detection, cycle time prediction and next-best action recommendations enable you to respond to supplier issues quickly — even in times of crisis.


Streamlined supplier onboarding

Accelerate supplier onboarding with quick access to validated supplier data on the IBM Blockchain Platform.

Enhanced supplier integration and collaboration

Digitize and automate B2B transactions across all suppliers to increase efficiency and productivity and reduce costs.

Improved disruption mitigation

Lower the frequency and intensity of disruptions with AI that identifies anomalies in transaction data and provides real-time insights that predict future events.

Improve supplier collaboration with key offerings from IBM and our partners

Supplier management

Drive supply chain agility by modernizing procurement operations. This blockchain network provides permissioned access to pre-verified supplier information and is built to accelerate supplier onboarding, simplify management and reduce risk.

Supply chain collaboration

Enable frictionless connectivity and collaboration with suppliers and quickly engage with 800,000 preconnected trading partners to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Supply chain services

Evolve your supply chain processes into intelligent workflows to improve visibility throughout your supply chain. IBM experts can help you build an adaptable and resilient supply chain.

Supplier collaboration case studies

Home Depot resolves disputes faster

Home Depot uses blockchain to provide real-time, multi-party visibility into shipping and receiving processes, reducing vendor disputes and strengthening supplier relationships.

Petco improves supplier collaboration

Hear how IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network keeps Petco’s supply chain running smoothly with real-time AI insights and end-to-end visibility into transactions and disruptions.

Anheuser-Busch deepens visibility for B2B transactions

Anheuser-Busch, Labatt Canada, uses AI to give its business users end-to-end visibility into transaction lifecycles.


Simplify supplier onboarding with a digital passport built on blockchain

Learn how Anheuser-Busch, Cisco, IBM and others are dramatically shortening the cycle time to onboard new suppliers.

Trust Your Supplier: Blockchain for supply chain

Find out how a cross-industry source of supplier information accelerates supplier onboarding and lifecycle management.

Anomaly detection enabled by AI

Can you spot anomalies in supplier transaction data as quickly as IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence?

IBM Supply Chain blog

Get fresh ideas and fascinating points of view on all matters relating to supply chain.

Academy for Business Operations and Supply Chain

Take your interest in business ops and supply chain even further, with a concentrated approach to the subjects.

IBM Supply Chain events

Get an overview of what’s on the horizon for supply chain.

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