Storage for data resilience
Detect, protect and recover from ransomware and other threats
Assess your data resilience
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IBM® Storage for data resilience uses AI to help protect your organization against ransomware, hardware failures, natural disasters, cyberattacks and other threats.

IBM Storage FlashSystem arrays feature inline data corruption detection code that uses machine learning to help identify anomalies that might indicate a threat. This enables systems to be locked down before the damage can spread.

IBM Storage Defender uses an AI-powered index of the relative trustworthiness of copied data and virtual machines (VMs) to accelerate recovery after an attack, using new detection methods developed by IBM Research®.

Data resilience is at the core of the entire IBM Storage product portfolio, from scale-out and scale-up hardware systems to software-defined storage, mainframe storage and tape.

Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023

Hard numbers show the business impact of not being data resilient.

Benefits Proactive threat detection

Activate AI-based monitoring of your primary and auxiliary storage systems.

Secure and resilient

Integrate your IBM Security® and data resilient storage solutions.

Immutable snapshots

Speed up reliable recovery with immutable snapshots that can’t be altered or erased.

Data protection

Perform backup and recovery with hardware snapshots and copy data management.

Resilient hardware, resilient software
Enterprise data storage with built-in data resilience IBM FlashSystem® enhances data resilience for primary workloads by combining accelerated discovery, secure copies and automation. Proprietary inline data corruption detection code scans incoming data, using cloud-based machine learning to help identify anomalies that may indicate a threat. This enables defensive measures, such as creating immutable snapshots. Explore

AI-powered data resilience software IBM Storage Defender provides end-to-end data resilience in modern hybrid multi-cloud IT environments that include VMs, databases, applications, file systems, SaaS workloads and containers. It uses an AI-powered index of the relative trustworthiness of copied data and VMs, generated by combining data patterns and signals from existing solutions with new detection methodologies developed by IBM Research®. Explore

Multiple layers of storage resilience Data resilient file and object storage

IBM Storage Scale provides software-defined file and object storage for AI and data intensive workloads, enabling clients to create a high performance, globally connected, cost-optimized global data platform.

Discover IBM Storage Scale
Data resilient multi-protocol storage

IBM Storage Ceph is enterprise-grade storage software that decouples data from physical storage hardware, providing unparalleled scaling and data resilience capabilities.

Discover IBM Storage Ceph
Data resilient cloud-native storage

IBM Fusion is a container-native data services platform that delivers simplified infrastructure to application developers and data scientists.

Discover IBM Storage Fusion
Data resilient mainframe storage

IBM DS8900F storage systems feature hardware snapshot and replication capabilities, data deduplication, encryption and integration with virtualized environments.

Discover IBM DS8900F
Air-gapped data resilience

IBM Tape storage offers unparalleled data resilience by providing a physical air gap between your archived data and the outside world.

Discover IBM Tape Storage
Resources Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023

Discover how much data breaches cost companies. Learn how to detect, respond and recover from the economic impact of data breaches.

Cyber resiliency assessment tool

Evaluate the data protection status of your organization at no cost. Identify gaps, strengths and weaknesses and learn how to build an effective cyber resiliency plan.

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